Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga TherapyThe world is a fast paced, high energy place to be in right now. As we move forward new approaches to health continue to appear and evolve. Yoga is becoming a primary vehicle for new wellness programs and being added to existing ones because of its ability to promote a healthy living and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Yoga is being thrown into the mainstream wellness approach at hospitals, schools and universities, businesses, children camps, rehabilitation centers and other settings. Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) is a new vehicle that brings wellness into your life and your career. This yoga teaching guides us to a new vision in our world.

Yoga for a Career Choice

Yoga is beginning to take on a bigger role in our lives and is moving from only being in the classroom to moving into all areas within our community for wellness and healing. Integrative Yoga Therapy is a leader and has been strong for over 15 years. Yoga teachers are being able to bring the ancient wisdom and yoga teachings of Yoga into the mainstreamed wellness classes. Many are finding that going through the yoga teacher training courses of IYT and taking it into the “real” world of business and community they are seeing great success.  Whether the yoga teachers bring these programs to general wellness, prenatal yoga, senior fitness, or those suffering from illness and disease, we are seeing some significant improvements in overall health.


Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) was founded in 1993 by Joseph Le Page who was a yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition and focus on energy healing. The creation of IYT was formed out of the studies and healing arts that he was exposed to over the years of being involved in yoga. The idea behind IYT was to be able to find a new approach to yoga therapy that was still spiritually centered, practical and could be incorporated in the world’s idea of wellness. From the start only the best yoga teachers and yoga therapists were involved to help share and grow this idea.

What is Involved?

Integrative Yoga Therapy takes all of the most important tools of yoga: asana, mudra, pranayama, yoga Nidra, mantra, and meditation. Here they are combined to build a complete and overall practice where they can be used for therapeutic classes and directed either towards groups of people or for one on one yoga therapy sessions. This type of style and approach gives students the ability to take and use their knowledge through a creative manner which brings unique results and a new learning experience. The intensive yoga teacher training program that is offered id ideal for the profession who wants clear, direct information that is supported by study materials and extensive training manuals. All the faculty for this yoga teacher training are leading experts in their fields.

Integrative Yoga Therapy training help new students experience yoga while at unique and natural settings with meditative atmospheres. These yoga teacher training destinations offer amazing accommodations and vegan meals. Registration and pricing is all available online with detailed information on yoga teacher training programs.

The Koshas

The framework for Integrative Yoga Therapy lies around the koshas. Kosha means layer or sheath in Sanskrit. Koshas are the different layers that make up each individual. Through training you will be guided by a yoga teacher to bring awareness to any type of separation at each of the levels. As you find the levels you can use the tools that have been taught through yoga to bring more balance and harmony to each of the separated layers.

The Five Koshas:

Annamaya Kosha- The physical body

Pranamaya Kosha- The energetic body

Manamaya Kosha-The mental or emotional body

Vijnayamaya Kosha-The wisdom body

Anandamaya Kosha-The spiritual body

Integrative Yoga Therapy works to bring the whole person onto a journey of healing. Your yoga teacher will be your guide on this path.

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