Ishta Yoga Practice

Ishta Yoga PracticeAs with many of the yoga styles we see today the traditional idea is taken but then carved into a more direct practice. That is how Ishta Yoga became a new style of yoga. Ishta Yoga is a personal practice that is designed to meet your individual needs. Ishta is also an acronym which represents the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda yoga. Yoga teacher training is using this style as a way to design a practice around personal needs.


One of the main goals with this style of yoga is to be able to give each student the ability to make their own pathway. This style of yoga works within the boundaries of each student’s ability, philosophy, theory and needs. As the student feels their needs changing the practice of Ishta yoga will change to follow and continue to meet the individual needs of that student. Yoga teaching is for this style is also about being able to educate your students on listening to their bodies so that they can be aware of when the practice needs to be changed.

Three Main Principles

Hatha Yoga– this is the portion of Ishta philosophy which has the movement piece. Just as with a typical yoga session, an Ishta yoga session will bring focus on being able to combine asanas to work yourself towards a common goal. The movements in this style of yoga teaching are fluid like with viniyoga, yet vigorous like Ashtanga, or you may use props in your practice like that of Iyengar yoga.

• Tantra- The tantric yoga philosophy makes a point of recognizing the unique and beauty of each person. It helps us be aware that there is no perfect posture but instead that we need to find the right approach for our own body at each moment. When we have found that we are doing the best things for our own bodies and our minds we will know because we will have found a point of internal bliss. Yoga teacher training helps teach the tantric philosophy helps develop our body and mind awareness within the Ishta movements while combining effort on the Chakras, breath, meditation, and mantras.

• Ayurveda- the Ayurveda principle of yoga is based on the science of healing. Ishta incorporates this principle by having us focus on our self-healing through awareness during practice and being able to recognize our own body’s needs.


By being able to combine these three principles you have the foundation of the Ishta yoga practice which makes the effort of taking a yoga practice and focusing on the individual needs of each person practicing. This style of yoga teaching is not as common so it is more difficult to locate a class in your area, but do not let this stop you. You can develop your own Ishta yoga teacher training style by becoming aware of the variety of philosophies, yoga movements and ideas and putting them together to make a routine practice that works best for you.

Ishta Yoga Basics

Looking to find a beginner level class will give you introduction to a basic and well-rounded sequence of yoga poses that are designed to strengthen your muscles that are weak and to help stretch out the muscles that are tight. There will be yoga teaching emphasis on your breath and healthy alignment during the session.

For a more Intermediate session of Ishta yoga you will also work with basic posture but have the opportunity to move deeper into the pose. The poses will be held for a longer length of time to build awareness in your mind and body. Pranayama and meditation is introduced at this level of practice. This level of yoga teaching is for those that are familiar with yoga.

The advanced yoga teaching level is the most challenging level of practice and it requires a solid and ongoing yoga practice. You will be guided to move deeper into all aspects of your yoga practice by being exposed to advanced poses, pranayama techniques and meditations. This is a mental and physical class for those that wish to really challenge themselves.

Ishta yoga teacher training will give you the options of a new yoga style that fits your needs as you grow and develop your yoga practice. Continuing with a Ishta yoga practice bring you feeling centered and even more in tune with your body, mind and true self. This is a yoga style for anyone at any level and great for anyone that is recovering from an illness or disease.

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