Ishta Yoga Retreats

Ishta Yoga RetreatsISHTA is an acronym that stands for the Integrated Science of Hatha- the physical element of yoga; Tantra- the philosophy that brings awareness to our inherent perfection; and Ayurveda-the science of healing. Ishta yoga is a style that anyone can practice and you can design it to fit your individual needs and allow it to guide you to an empowered state to discover your true self. Looking for a yoga retreat to bring you back together into a stronger form of yourself…you may be guided to an Ishta Yoga retreat.

Ishta yoga brings you to a yoga teaching style which will give you the purest form of yoga allowing you to connect to the wisdom of yogi masters and experience the powerful tools and techniques yourself for a personal transformation. Through the Ishta yoga teachings you will explore and your wisdom can emerge and you can fully enjoy the creativity and joy that yoga provides.

Ishta yoga retreats are usually designed to take you away to stunning destinations across the world. You will have the options to practice yoga daily, share a delicious meal and stay in relaxing accommodations. There are always extra activities available to you depending on the location. You could enjoy skiing, hiking, beaches, snorkeling, tours through rain forests, etc.

Enjoying yourself on an Ishta yoga retreat will help transform your practice and life to a new level. Enjoying a daily asana practice at the retreat and learning how to incorporate that into your lifestyle when you arrive back at home.

Each day will bring you a new adventure!


Typically the cost of your yoga retreat will include your accommodations, meals, daily program and nearby excursions. The cost for a weekly package can range from a thousand dollars to three thousand depending on your time and destination of the package. How much are you willing to pay to bring balance and healthy living back into your life? What are you worth?

Yoga retreats are the perfect place to take yourself away to be completely immersed in the heart of yoga. Preparing yourself is the easy part. Imagine you travel to your destination and once there you wake up at dawn and begin your practice of yoga as the sun is rising in the sky.

Each yoga retreat out there is designed to support inspired yogis that want to take their personal practice and awareness to the next level and deepen their knowledge.

Daily Program

While you are away at your Ishta yoga retreat some of the typical daily routine includes:

  • Enjoying an invigorating and inspirational morning asana class with a yoga certified instructor
  • ISHTA pranayama and meditation session
  • In-depth discussion about yoga philosophy and how to follow a true yoga lifestyle
  • Afternoon restorative class to soothe and relax your body and mind
  • Creative sessions to help develop your concentration to self-enquiry and intuition
  • Group discussions on personal experiences
  • Support to develop a personal yoga practice

Philosophy lectures could include:

  • How the mind works
  • Where Science and yoga connect
  • What is Dharana- every day concentration practice
  • Mantra and Mudra power
  • Indian Mythology
  • The role of ritual in Tantra


The type of schedule a typical yoga retreat follows could look very similar to this:

6:30-7:30  Chanting/pranayama/devotional bhakti practice

7:45-9:45  Creative asana sequences and meditation practice

Breakfast Break

11:00-1:00  Philosophy Lecture on yoga teachings

1:00-4:00    Free Time-Explore your destination!

4:00-6:00    Restorative asanas/creative exercises/concentration practice/yoga/ meditation


Take the time to go away on an Ishta yoga retreat. Choose the destination of your dreams so that during your free time you can also make this a yoga vacation. There is no better time than the present!

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