June 12 Journal – Kapha Day

Today I sit amazed at how deeply and completely that yoga touches a human being. It really touches every aspect mind, body, spirit, and emotions. I am wondering how it will be to be at the front of the class and watch different students cry throughout my class. I cried today. When I spoke with other students, they had cried as well – so many tears! How that really translates for me is “so much release!” We are a lot of women ( and a few fantastic men, of course!) doing a whole lot of letting go. Between exhaling it all into the Earth and the tears I feel like by the end I will be a cleansed out, brand new woman! This is what I hope anyway.

For our yoga class today, we did Kabalabakti (hmm…spelling..I’m writing this quickly) or “breath of fire” to heat us up and cleanse out our lungs. When a Kapha is out of balance, she tends to be lethargic over attached, overweight, and depressed. I started the course sad today for some personal issues that I have with a relationship. Every one of us has all three doshas, although one will be more prominent than the rest. I believe that I am first Pitta then a bit Vata, and I have Kapha in me. Jackie says that a Vata out of balance is the easiest to put back into balance then the Pitta. The Kapha is hard to get out of balance but on the other end, quite hard to get back into balance. I came to understand today that the worst phases of my life have not been when my primary dosha is out of whack (when I become controlling, demanding, and drive everyone crazy with too much energy to go around), but when the Kapha in me is unbalanced. I become incredibly unmotivated, lethargic, and sad. It is so opposite from how I normally am that it scared those close to me. I have not had a strong imbalance of Kapha for a long time. Today, I feel a bit unbalanced.

The positive is that our yoga class this morning was oriented toward balancing the Kapha in us, and I found the swift pace easy and comforting. The lack of sitting and laying for long periods of time allowed me to avoid meditating on my emotional issues for a while at least. This morning I had the opportunity to “just be”.

It has been incredibly informative and useful to devote a day academically and physically (and, consequentially, emotionally because this is yoga, of course) to each dosha. I feel like my understanding has moved deeper than what it would be if I just read about them from the yoga classes, the lectures, and the real life related stories as students came to realize what dosha they jive with the best.

This afternoon we are breaking down a few poses that we learned in class and practicing corrections. I just heard that tonight we will be graced with sushi for dinner. Yes!

The purpose of this email is to prepare you as best we can for your upcoming training and trip in six ways.

1. Reading List & Assignments-

I have attached a list of books that you should find and purchase on your own to have on hand throughout the training. You can find these in books on sites such as Amazon.com or bookstores. In addition to the list, Jackie has included a number of reading assignments for you to complete prior to arrival.

2. Waiver –

Please read through the attached policy sheet thoroughly. If you agree, please print it and bring in with you to turn in on arrival. We require that this waiver be signed and turned in to be able to participate in our training.

3. – Tentative Daily Schedule & Syllabus

I have attached a tentative daily schedule, as well as the syllabus that is subject to change according to class needs.

4 – Room Assignments

Please keep in mind that we assign rooms by order of deposit. Those who sign up first share with the least amount of people. We have accommodations that fit from 2 to a max of 5 people. Please refer to our accommodations page for photos and more details.

5 – Travel

I would recommend that you send me your international flight itinerary so that I may present you with the best domestic travel options and make arrangements accordingly.

It is very important for me to know how and when you will be arriving so that we can adequately prepare for you; moreover, it is 4-5 hours (on the ground) and 1 hour (in the air) between San Jose and us. We can not help your arrival if any problems arise in between if we do not know how you are arriving.

Internationally, you are going to arrive and depart from San Jose international airport (code SJO). I recommend arriving no later than 12:30pm. I recommend departing no earlier than 4pm. For more travel information about getting to and from Anamaya, check out our travel page. I would recommend flying with Sansa, or booking the Jaco boat or Montezuma Expeditions. Once you have your itinerary, please send it to me, and I will be happy to assist and book your domestic travel arrangements for you.

Our check in time is from 2-6 pm and our check out time is 11am. If you need to check in or out at times other than those, please let us know in advance.

6 – Packing

1. natural sunscreen
2. non toxic mosquito repellent
3. flashlight
4.water shoes and/or sandals with back straps – this is for hiking and quite necessary
5. camera (underwater preferable)

6. flip flops and swim suit, of course 🙂

7. umbrella** (may-dec) **rain poncho

We look forward to meeting you!

With warm regards,

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