June 6 Journal – Second Day of Jackie’s Yoga Teacher Training

Today started out with a great bit of luck. My alarm clock did not go off at 5:30am as I set it, however, I miraculously woke up at 6am. You see, our first yoga class starts at 7am and most of the other students will be waking up at 6:25am in time for a bit of fruit and tea, but I have to wake up earlier because I am a local here in Montezuma and live up the road. My dogs, which are more like small horses, usually take me about 30 minutes to wrangle up. This morning grace was with me because when I swung open the doors to the beautiful green countryside prepared to yell for my dogs, they were right there tails wagging waiting for me. Yes! I tied them up, fed them, and blasted down the road in my rain boots to Anamaya.

This morning’s yoga class is a practice focused on teaching us the different approaches to the Vinyasa flow sequence, which means a lot of sun salutations. The sun salutations were intense permanently printing into our minds the different approaches. After many of those, we transitioned into some Yin poses, which were beautiful and releasing and quite intense in their passive way. I struggle with tight shoulders and hips so these poses are always a blessing for me. After that, we pracaticed some pranayama then on to shavasana. We had a silent breakfast keeping in all the prana that we lifted up and spread throughout our bodies during the practice. It was very peaceful and calming experience; not to mention that the breakfast was excellent!

We spent our mid morning practice breaking down the sun salutations postures (specifically, the “Chataranga Dadasana” low plank, “Urdhuamukha Svanasana” upward dog, and “Bhujangasa” cobra). We learned common errors with these poses and how they can become quite damaging for the lower back if not practiced properly. We also learned adjustments and practiced on each other. We all walked away with full heads and sore upper arms and shoulders 🙂

In our evening session, we learned a mantra called “Mahamritunjaya” to assist the grandfather of one of the students who had just passed away to let go of the attachment of this world and move on to the next. It was quite a moving little ceremony. In this session, we also talked more in dept regarding the 8 limbs.

After dinner, I went home and enjoyed  a “virgin” hot tottie with my neighbor (lime, honey, hot water, and usually a dash of rum 🙂 then went to bed dreaming of how to properly say “inhale” “exhale” throughout sun salutations…

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