Just Hit the Start Button!

Just Hit the Start Button!Do you practice yoga, love it, and want to take it to the next level? Become a yoga teacher and go through the yoga teacher training program and start your Iyengar yoga instruction. Today a lot of yoga studios seem to be taking yoga practice and forming their own style or type of hybrid yoga practice. Most classes are taking the basics from Iyengar and using props. Many teachers consider taking the style of Iyengar Yoga and putting their own spin on it keeps it in the traditional history of yoga practice and stays with the basic idea.

You must earn it

During your yoga teacher training your yoga certification is not a guaranteed just because your hours have been met. With Iyengar yoga you must complete the necessary hours but you also need to be able to earn the right to be a teacher. Studying the ways of Iyengar you are keeping with the idea and respecting the ways of the masters that started yoga. This is not going to be a yoga vacation; it is going to be hard work.

What is Iyengar Yoga and how will it help me?

Iyengar yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga and has an intense focus on alignment and attention to the details during sessions. Iyengar uses props such as blocks, straps, and chairs to assist the beginner or the student that needs aid through asanas making it a possible exercise for anyone. This form of yoga has also been researched and studied by doctors and results show that practicing yoga can be a very beneficial to your health and well-being. Those that practice and have health issues such as anxiety, depression or arthritis can see a huge difference in their daily routine.

Training-Time and Levels

Iyengar yoga teacher training courses are very intensive and require dedication and time to complete. Becoming a qualified teacher does not only depend on the time given to your training but also the quality of the teaching practice you portray.
There are different levels in teacher training:
Introductory I and II
Junior Intermediate I, II, and III
Senior Intermediate I, II, and III
Junior Advanced I, II and III
Senior Advanced I and II

Advanced Iyengar studies may take you years to complete and may feel more like you are attending college. Most students in training dedicate a one year minimum to complete the 200 hour program and up to two years to complete the 500 hour program. Yoga teacher training is not something to take lightly. Iyengar views his yoga very seriously and makes sure that anything associated with his name is done so with respect.

Training Process

During your yoga teacher training program you will be focusing on your personal practice. Through this you will gain a stronger idea of how to use the props and make subtle modification with them. You will be instructed on how to give clear and understanding instructions while practicing and moving into poses. A strong instructor will be able to identify if a student in their session is struggling. Through the training process you will be teaching at appropriate levels and taking exams to make sure that your skills are according to your level of instruction.


To be eligible for yoga teacher training for yoga teaching of Iyengar Yoga you need to have a minimum of 3 years of Iyengar Yoga experience. You should be attending at least 3 yoga class sessions a week and practicing on your own time. Teachers will be judging the student practice to further the teacher training program.


If you are ready to hit that start button and go for it some things that you can expect from this extensive yoga teacher training is to get challenged beyond belief-mentally and physically. When making the decision to start this training you will be beginning a journey and getting a comprehensive education in a traditional yoga style through your asana practice and through pedagogy. This kind of program is not for the quick finish but for someone who is willing to commit themselves for at least a couple years. Yoga teacher training programs for Iyengar Yoga practice is for people who have a mature knowledge of Iyengar yoga and regularly practice in this style. To become a good teacher in the traditional style by B. K. S. Iyengar it is mandatory to have studied this method, be able to practice Level III and have a home practice. To become a prospective teacher you need to be very passionate about this subject and be dedicated to sharing it with others.

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