Kali Natha Yoga Practice

Kali Natha Yoga PracticeKali Natha Yoga is the practice of yoga that goes beyond your limitations. This style of yoga teaching includes the physical and it also goes way beyond our spiritual and emotional limitations as well. Yoga teacher training wants to find the right type of person to spread this teaching into the communities.

It is the yoga of Intent. Intent can also be translated as the depth of devotion, or the desire to go into a deeper practice or the passion that we live our lives by. Kali Natha Yoga can be practiced by any person, at any age, and in any fitness ability level.

Kali Natha Yoga is a yoga style in a flow series. Comparing it to any other style of yoga ends at that point. In Kali Natha Yoga you learn that with practicing these asanas you are practicing moving prayer or puja. Yoga teacher training explains that this is the yoga transformation for the areas in your body that tend to collect and store the pockets of darkness and negativity that can be filled through yoga teaching with light of awareness and peace. This style of yoga teaching is often referred to as the yoga who worships the Divine Mother.

Kali Natha Yoga and the Style

Kali Natha yoga is typically root yoga. It is an essential yoga teaching and foundational practice that any person can practice no matter of the age or ability levels. There is no “beginning”, no “middle” and no “advanced”. This is a yoga for everyone and the asana sequences that are performed by student of any ability level have modification where needed and even mental yoga practice where it fits in.

Kali Natha Yoga is a practice of pushing through your own limitations in every area of your life.

You will also learn how to expand your efforts of the body on your physical level, and with Kali Natha Yoga practice it will even take you beyond your mental, emotional and spiritual limits as well. Kali Natha yoga teacher training talks about how this practice will infuse your routine with an essence of truth, a new depth of devotion and a new passion of movement.

What is Kali Natha Yoga?

Kali Natha Yoga is a yoga style or transformation that takes both the Eastern and Western philosophies and combines them. It is a style that incorporates prayer and worship and is deeply spiritual and designed to help the practitioner to have experience of oneness and to be able to achieve an awareness and lasting happiness.

Kali Natha yoga teacher training explains that this yoga utilizes many of the same ideal and tools including mantra, mudra and pranayama which will change the breath and your quality of blood. It will also change the air to prana and prana to pure Shakti. During this practice every one of your chakra is opened and stretched.

Ma Jaya-Founder of Kali Natha Yoga

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati is the founder of Kashi Ashram and Master of Kali Natha Yoga. Ma Jaya is an American born Guru, mystic and visionary. Ma Jaya teaches in the lineage of Neem Karoli Baba.

Ma Jaya began her yoga teaching in her back yard in Brooklyn, New York. In 2006 she began introducing her students to the Kali Natha yoga and the asana flow series. These would usually focus on a spiritual quality or specific deity such as the Dance of the five prana, or the Ganapati Asana.

Kali Natha Yoga finds its name from the Mother Kali, who is the all-embracing Mother who takes the pain and suffering away from her children and the Nathas who are the ancient yogis from the lineage of Lord Shiva. Kali Natha Yoga takes this balance of masculine and feminine and makes it a transformation practice. This type of yoga will awaken the Divine Feminine principle of Shakti and will move the practitioner to a deeper practice and find self-awareness.

Kali Natha Yoga teacher training is growing. More people want to experience the essence of Kali Natha yoga and how it inter-weaved together your mind, body and soul.

For Teacher training information contact info is www.kashi.org/yoga/teacher-training/

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