Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training

Kali Natha Yoga Teacher TrainingKali Natha yoga has been created over the course of 30 years by its founder Ma Jaya Bhagavati. This style of yoga is comprised of many different and unique flow series which include traditional asanas, pranayama, mudras, mantras and meditations. Yoga teacher training is a growing area in this style because it is another version of yoga where you are connecting emotionally and spiritually.The 200-Hour trainings are currently only offered at Kashi ashram in Sebastian Florida. The 500-hour training is offered both at Kashi Ashram Sebastian Florida and at Kashi Atlanta in Georgia.

Each one of the asana series that you will encounter during yoga teaching is a sacred flow that immerses you into the spiritual and physical essence of each of the asanas.

Yoga Teacher Training for Anyone

The yoga teacher training program welcomes student of all ability levels and experience to come and participate in the daily classes. The yoga teachers come from a variety of areas and background and most have many years of experience in their own yoga teaching.

Yoga Teacher Training Program Options

Kali Natha Yoga teacher training programs are exciting and alive with the energy that the students and yoga teachers bring. While in a training program a yoga student is totally immersed in the depths of the ancient and mystical studies of this style of yoga.

These program courses are created with the intent that the students who have a desire to become a yoga certified teacher or are just seeking a way to deepen their own personal yoga practice will be able to walk away with the knowledge they will need. The yoga teacher training program will give the students the tools to begin teaching and to bring the meaning and spirituality of yoga to others.

The Setting of the Program

Students that participate in this yoga teacher training program will learn in a sacred Ashram environment and will be given the opportunity to be taught by the founder of this style of yoga, Ma Jaya. The location of the program is designed to have the same feel of ancient India where the temples from many traditions are abound. There is a sacred pond which holds the antiquity of the holy Ganges River, and the saints of India rise and come alive.

Training Program Options

The courses that you will be participating in will qualify you to become a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. After a successful completion of the Level 1 or Level 2 Training you will be granted a certificate and be a registered yoga teacher and either a 200 or 500 hour level.

The yoga teacher training programs are quite dynamic and filled with energy and spiritual depth. The programs will also include experiential anatomy, yoga philosophy and theory, and in-depth study of the asanas and the practice of Kali Natha Yoga. Each student will gain a deep understanding of the path of yoga that they are on.

Program Training Times

For the 200 hour Level program there are two options for you to choose from. One is a weekend training program that is five months long. There is also a program that is done in ten day segments meeting two different times.

For the 500 hour Level program there are classes that meet on weekends or ten week sessions that meet throughout the year.

Through the Kali Natha Yoga teacher training program students will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the ancient teaching of yoga
  • Gain mastery skill of asana, pranayama, mantra and mudra
  • Increase their flexibility and vital energy while strengthening and toning body
  • Study with the master of Kali Natha Yoga, Ma Jaya
  • Recognize the rhythm of the self as it is connected to a universal flow
  • Completion of program provides the ability to teach and serve your community

The yoga teacher training program for Kali Natha Yoga will bring music to your soul and helping you recognize the beauty in yourself.

For information on this style contact info is www.kashi.org/yoga/teacher-training/

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