Kripalu Yoga Retreats

Kripalu Yoga RetreatsNearly every yoga style is connected to Hatha Yoga in some way or another. Kripalu yoga focuses on using your proper breathing, alignment of your body, and combining the movement of your body with your breathing. This is to bring a sense of “wisdom to your body.” Escaping on a yoga vacation to a beautiful and enchanting location brings you to a yoga retreat.

Idea behind Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga was developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, and this style will take a student through three different stages. Stage I is beginning with the practice of postures. Stage II takes the student into holding these same postures but for longer periods of time while developing a stronger focus on your inner awareness and concentration. Stage III is allowing your body to surrender to its wisdom where movement and concentration become one. The student will be able to move through postures unconsciously.

Take a personal Yoga Retreat

It is time to get away, to take time out for yourself at a yoga retreat. There are so many to look at but the main idea is to find one that allows you to spend your time away exactly as you want to. There are a variety of workshops, activities, adventures and yoga teaching sessions to choose from. Get away and discover a time for self-care and alone time. If that does not appeal to you then come for a visit and keep active each moment of the day.


You can take the time at your yoga retreat to enjoy some of the other activities that are offered. Depending on which location you have chosen for your retreat destination they will have a list of things to do other than spending all your time in a yoga session. Some of these things are hiking; education courses on better nutrition tips, horseback riding, tours through the local area, and most every destination will offer spa treatments.

Each yoga retreat will have some sort of evening entertainment. Depending on your location you may find fire dancers or something more serene such as a moonlit walk on the beach. Enjoy the pool and whirlpool or go and enjoy a soothing massage before bed.

Example Day

You have arrived at a gorgeous location for your yoga retreat and cannot wait to see what is in store for you. You wake up, stretch and get ready to go to your first Kripalu Yoga class with an excellent yoga teacher. Once you have enjoyed your yoga experience with your teacher, who must have gone through extreme measures to get their yoga certification, you go freshen up for the next adventure. Sign up and go for a hiking adventure through the nearby forest to see the sparkling blue waters of the lake. After your hiking adventure enjoy a healthy snack and take some quiet time alone and go out to the meditation garden. There you can relax and clear your mind. Once you have relaxed and released the stress still hiding in your shoulders you can join the others at a healthy gourmet dinner.


Most yoga retreat destinations offer packages to their guests. The last thing you want to worry about when you get away to relax is making sure you have enough money on hand to pay for a good meal. Many of the retreat packages will offer meal inclusions to their gourmet restaurants. Some of the destinations have exotic accommodations where you even have your own patio and use of the pool. Daily yoga sessions in different styles and levels of yoga are offered. You may even be able to get a private session for some basic instruction if you are a beginner or for advanced students some quick one on one instruction from an expert.


Whether you travel to a beautiful yoga retreat destination alone or want to bring a friend or someone special, every experience is as special and unique as the traveler. The schedule is open and gives you the opportunity to choose what exactly you want to do. Go be quiet and do some much needed soul-searching, get together with others and celebrate, or simply just be still and remember who you are when you do not let the stress of daily routine take over your life and emotions. Taking a yoga vacation may just be the exact thing that is missing in your life. Do not hesitate to take the time and cleanse yourself of all that heavy stress.

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