Kriya Yoga Benefits

Kriya Yoga BenefitsMost of us have reached moments in our lives where we stop and wonder where we can find happiness and fulfillment. We tend to look away from ourselves to find this because that is what the world around us wants us to believe. However, being able to look internally for fulfillment is really the answer. Have we not heard that in order to be happy and live completely we have to start with finding that happiness within ourselves first? Kriya Yoga is a style of yoga that helps you stop and listen to what is inside you and takes you on a harmonious path to soul searching. Yoga retreats that reflect on this style are becoming more popular as we find ourselves surrounded with more outside responsibilities and issues.

We spend most of our time working towards a goal that is just outside our reach and get caught up in figuring out how to DO instead of how to BE. Sometimes we are unwilling to just be in a state of complete calm and let things happen. Yoga teaching helps us guide our paths in the right direction with the proper goals for ourselves.

Yoga certification gives us the tools we need to reverse the traditional flow of energy and consciousness so that our minds become the center of perception and we are not depending on just our senses but the truth. When we practice yoga on a regular basis we learn to take nothing for granted and we connect to our awareness.

Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga teaching style is done in a series of techniques that bring a development of the person practicing. Benefits of practicing this style of yoga teaching brings a physical healing and increased levels of emotional balance, energy, mental calmness, concentration, wisdom, inspiration and spiritual self awareness. Some people take the time to go away to a yoga retreat to fully immerge themselves in this style and practice for more than just a session but rather a week long experience.

A daily practice of different Kriyas can provide strength, flexibility, peace and give you a sense of balance. This style of yoga can bring tranquility to the mind and body by reducing stress. If you are looking to connect with your soul, the Divine and bring love and happiness into your life this is the style for you.

Kriya Yoga includes asanas, Pranayama breathing, mantras and meditation to help you raise your consciousness and energy levels. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that helps you release a false egoistic ideal of yourself. It will allow you to have more control over your own life. You will begin to recognize that as you gain more control you will start to feel less like the person moving through tasks and start to begin each phase of life as it is happening and be connected to that phase. Kriya yoga teaching will help you develop gratitude, trust and a connection to God in your life. You will feel a connection to God so that you can achieve an open door with God, communicate and begin to feel answers come your way.

Clarity and Focus

If you have the opportunity to go to a yoga retreat with full immersion of this style you will begin to realize quicker the difference that Kriya Yoga brings. You may begin to have greater mental clarity and your focus is more direct. You may feel an intellectual strength and growth and can achieve a lot more with less energy.

The techniques associated with Kriya Yoga will strengthen your intuition and your power of healing. Your immune system will get stronger and you will enjoy a healthy, nervous system, heightened energy levels, and a relaxed peaceful life.

Take the time for healing and making your body healthier and get to a yoga retreat where you can fully enjoy the benefits of Kriya Yoga. Align your mind, body and spirit through Kriya Yoga practice and wake up your power and consciousness so that you can live the level of life you deserve.

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