Kriya Yoga Retreat

Kriya Yoga RetreatKriya yoga brings a level of concentration in the mind naturally without excessive force or effort. The secret in this style of yoga is in the simultaneous harmonization of the physical, mental and psychic energy of the human body. This connection within us automatically concentrates our mind in a perfect balance. At this point things start to happen for us and we begin to allow our awareness to take over. Going to a Kriya yoga retreat is all about connecting to your inner self and going on a yogic path to find wisdom and greater knowledge.

Preparing for a Kriya Yoga Retreat

Before taking the steps to go away on a yoga retreat where the main emphasis of practice is on Kriya make sure that you are completely familiar with this style. Make sure you have taken previous classes to learn what it is all about with a yoga teacher. If you already practice Kriya Yoga and you want to build your personal practice going on a retreat is a great opportunity to do so. Even if you must make a personal sacrifice to get away on a yoga retreat you will not be disappointed.

Kriya Yoga has a process that needs to be understood to practice this style. At the yoga retreat you will learn what Kriya Yoga is and how it works. You will enter into the practice with energy and become a spiritual athlete. Kriya Yoga practice connects the three aspects of our bodies; Oversoul or our super conscious, our Conscious or body of thinking, and our Unconscious or our body of feeling.

Pranayama is a traditional technique of Kriya yoga. It helps to wake up and connect our three bodies. During the yoga teaching at the retreat you will be given direction of the eight distinct pranayama’s. One of the pranayama’s will join our conscious with our unconscious. Five of the pranayama’s will connect the Oversoul with the Unconscious while two of them will join all three bodies together. Practicing Pranayama bring energy to the centers of your body. When your mind can truly understand and enters into this transitional process you become supercharged.

Take a Personal Retreat

A wonderful way to experience a Kriya Yoga retreat is to get away and combine your personal quiet time with your spiritual inspiration. Retreats are available to you most of the year and for various length of stays. Some of the retreats actually offer a period of silence where they feel the true practice of Kriya Yoga can finally be absorbed without distractions.

While away on your yoga retreat you can enjoy the following on a daily basis:

  • Guided yoga sessions, meditation and Energization exercises
  • In-depth instruction on Meditation
  • Healing prayer or chanting workshops
  • Restorative yoga guided sessions
  • Vegetarian Cooking Instruction
  • Guided tour of village off site
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Private Yoga sessions
  • Private Yoga Therapy Sessions
  • Massage
  • Facility Amenities

A yoga retreat is another way to experience yoga and learn with your body the direction to healthy living. Yoga teaching is timeless and anyone one enjoy it whether you are just a beginner or an experienced yogi.

We need to be able to take care of ourselves. We are only given one body to live life to the fullest degree and experience all that the world has to offer. Going away to a yoga retreat teaches us the fundamental principles of how to use yoga to help us reach a point where we are healthy on the inside as much as on the outside. Practicing yoga offers the combination of inner stillness and physical postures which help us face all our opportunities of life with energy, ease and an inner self awareness.


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