Kriya Yoga Teacher Training

Kriya Yoga Teacher TrainingKriya Yoga is most known for its connection to carry spiritual believer towards their path of self-realization in a short amount of time. Some traditions of yoga believe that it is only through a continued practice over many lifetimes that you can find liberation, but to the believer who is very devoted to practice Kriya Yoga can bring you liberation during this lifetime. Yoga teacher training is becoming more popular in this style of yoga because it deals with a more spiritual connection.

Requirements for good practice

The most valuable requirement before beginning your yoga teacher training and practice in Kriya yoga is to possess and open heart and mind. The techniques associated with this style transform your inner and outer being and leave behind strong remains of growth, compassion and love.

Through the years Kriya Yoga has been a part of the lives of many spiritual practitioners such as saints, sages, and seers that used yoga teaching techniques to carry their minds to higher states of awareness. Kriya yoga is the style that helps you develop a tool to control your mind and open a door to a higher sense of awareness. Through breathing techniques you can find various layers of evolution.

Kriya Yoga Preparation

The yoga teacher training preparation program offers you 20 hours of continuing education credits. There are many different types of training programs that you can choose from to best fit in your personal schedule. For those that work full time and need something to work around your schedule you may be interested in the weekend type of teacher programs. For example, you will begin with a two day weekend course program. Here you will have the time to review the yoga techniques that are all part of the Kriya Meditation, Hong-Sau in the spine, exercises for Energization, and also advanced practices which will prepare you for Kriya Yoga. Part of the program also focuses on the instruction of deepening your practice with you discipleship to the line of Kriya gurus, including an initiation ceremony.

The cost of the yoga teaching program are all inclusive and include accommodation, classes, meals, activities and course materials. Your first day will start with yoga and meditation followed by an early dinner. The first real gathering of the group is after dinner that first evening.

Kriya Yoga Initiation

Once you have completed the preparation weekend you can move forward with the Initiation portion of training. At this time you will receive Kriya yoga initiation with a formal ceremony, a technique review, your personal instruction, and some guidance with your personal practice and continued support to move further.

This weekend is also all inclusive and includes you accommodations, meals, activities, classes and any course material you need. The weekend begins the afternoon of the first date. This allows you to start with an afternoon session of yoga and meditation followed by an early dinner. You will meet up with the rest of your group after dinner. The program will end on the final day with lunch.

Things you will learn by the end of the program:

  • What is meditation
  • How to get comfortable to practice meditation
  • How to use your breath to calm your mind and body
  • Concentration techniques to stop mental restlessness
  • How to use visualization, affirmations, walking meditations and nature meditations
  • How to open your heart and develop your feeling nature
  • How to use music as an aid to meditation
  • How to overcome stage fright and strengthen presentation skills
  • How to become a dynamic teacher
  • How to organize and market your personal classes

Kriya Yoga teacher training and yoga practice does not cause harm if practiced with attention and concentration. Those that want to practice this style of yoga must want to receive the benefits earnestly and with an open mind. To achieve full awareness is through a constant and continual practice.

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