Kriya Yoga Techniques

Kriya Yoga is such a great style of yoga and is effective because it works hand in hand with the source of your growth and the spiritual energy that lies deep in our spines. All yoga styles and techniques work using this energy normally on an indirect approach. Yoga postures can help you open the spinal channels and bring balance and energy into your spine. Your yoga breathing exercises can also help you open the doors to that energy. Yoga teacher training is focusing on this style in a way to connect spiritually and in a healthy balance with physical health.

The Kriya Yoga technique is more direct than the traditional yoga styles. Kriya Yoga allows the practitioner to control this energy and life force by being able to mentally connect to it and bring it up and down the spine through awareness and this control. As yoga teacher training explains, one Kriya which should take you no more than a short minute is the same as one year of gaining natural spiritual growth.

The technique of Kriya Yoga is taught through initiation. The actual technique must be taught to new students from a Kriyaban or Kriya Yogi and not be shared through a book intended for the general public to learn. This yoga teaching is held in the utmost respect and the guidelines to learn this style are protected.

Techniques of Kriya Yoga

When talking about the Kriya Yoga techniques, people are referring to the spiritual aspect of this style of yoga. Those that practice this style on a regular basis feel that it give them the feeling of harmony, tranquility, purity and balance. Kriya Yoga also has a large emphasis on the “disciple” and the “master”. So for those that practice this style it brings them a personal relationship between the master and the disciple. Yoga certification puts a lot of strength behind who is given permission to teach this belief.

Powerful Practice

Kriya Yoga is viewed as one of the most powerful forms of yoga. Yoga practice is intended to help you open up your spine channels and brings energy through the spine. Kriya Yoga takes this method one step further and puts control on the ability to move that energy up and down your spine.

How to Practice Kriya Yoga Techniques

  • Get Spiritual-Kriya Yoga is a very spiritual based program so to practice with an open mind and heart you must be ready to mentally connect with God and your spirituality.
  • No Books-The knowledge of Kriya Yoga is not in books, but is trained through an initiation process
  • Connect with your Guru-You must be willing to make a connection and have a relationship which will help you achieve your self-realization
  • Get your Mind Ready-Kriya Yoga uses concentration techniques to create harmony between your central nervous system and the spine through breathing techniques
  • Find your own Chant-Chanting is a basic activity you practice while performing Kriya yoga and it makes it easier to use if you select your own chant. If you cannot chose one you can ask your Guru to give you some suggestions
  • Devotion-You must have faith in what you are doing. Kriya Yoga is not for the non-believers. If you chant with devotion then you will be able to feel the negative energy leave your body and positive energy taking its place.
  • Read it-Before you take the steps in going through initiation and learning about Kriya Yoga make sure you research it. There is a lot of information out there on Kriya Yoga and you should be aware of the commitment that is asked of you before you get involved.

If you are spiritually connected to God and you have a strong mental endurance, then going into a Kriya Yoga practice may be the route you are looking for. If that is you, find a yoga teacher training facility that will recognize proper training. Following a regular practice of Kriya Yoga is said to put that individual above the average person on a spiritual level.

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