Kundalini Yoga Retreats

kundalini yoga retreatKundalini Yoga takes breath work referred to as Pranayama, the physical yoga referred to as asanas and Mantra which is the chanting and meditation and puts them together. Kundalini yoga is the combination which brings specific results. The yoga sessions are all unique and are designed to affect the different part of your body, mind and soul rather than just your general health like with hatha yoga. Kundalini Yoga was created by Yogi Bhajan. Go find a Kundalini Yoga retreat and take time to refocus.

While away at your yoga retreat the sessions you attend will be determined by the Yogi to fit the class level and what areas of focus you should concentrate on. Kundalini yoga does not just focus on general health like Hatha Yoga but has over 2000 Kriya and you may benefit from different ones at each session. You may never even repeat the same yoga session with your yoga teaching.


Yoga is an essential part of the holistic wellness approach to finding your balance. There are both private and group retreats available depending on what your mood is. The yoga retreat will take you into the center of your soul, body, and spirit with a strong connection and understanding of your minds consciousness. Being able to connect with your heart and going beyond time, space and your own thought you can reach into your soul. Taking the time to enjoy a yoga retreat is all about the experience you walk away with and the feeling of transformation from the very first day you arrive.

While away you will be surrounded by yoga teachers that have gone through extensive yoga training and yoga certification. They will be there to guide you through your practice sessions and offer suggestions.

Private yoga Retreats

Sometimes the entire point of searching out a yoga retreat is to have some private time for your own personal wellness. Retreats are on-going depending on what destination you wish to travel to, so you can arrived any time there is availability. Once there, you will be given private yoga teaching in small classes.

Your accommodations will also be private and you will be able to enjoy the environment and receive any personal or emotional support necessary. The level of support you receive is based on how comfortable you feel during your stay. Other options available to you during your stay are spiritual studies, meditation practice, detox and cleansing. Another piece that you can enjoy is a personalize balanced diet or fasting to help heal you from the inside out. Anything you need to find your balance is available at your yoga retreat.

Included In Stay

Most of the yoga retreats follow the basic idea that once you arrive, you should not have to worry about a thing. The retreats are different lengths of time depending on which destination you have chosen. You will be offered accommodations, Kundalini Yoga practice sessions, Meditation, all meals, and off-site activities.

Why Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is your life force, your core of energy and through its yoga practice and meditation you can awaken the unconscious energy that is already in you. This style of yoga develops and strengthens your nervous system which brings more awareness to your conscious state and increases you intuitive abilities.

This yoga style has been practiced to create energy and health and to help clear you of mental and emotional stresses. It is there to help you connect easier to the connection with what is around you and within you. Many people that practice routine yoga teachings with Kundalini have found a decrease in their chronic pain and a huge increase in an over-all sense of well-being.

Take the time to explore a yoga retreat. It may be one of the most wonderful and meaningful times in your life. You cannot imagine the positive effect it will continue to have on you even once you are back home. You will enjoy powerful experiences and you may walk away with a new understanding for any personal insight or personal development growth. Create stronger boundaries in your life, feel more compassionate about what matters to you. It is time to open your heart and mind and go away.

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