Let the Energy Flow

Let the Energy FlowIt is time to relax and recharge. Stop and reserve a yoga retreat now and leave the stress and job at home. When taking the time to go away to give your mind and body the time to relax there are a couple factors to research: where and how soon can you get there.

Getting away to a yoga retreat you should find a place that allows your energy to flow. Find a gorgeous retreat in the woods, on a lake with dark blue waters, or a tropical setting where the ocean hits the beach with foamy white waves. Begin a personal journey for yourself. This escape should bring a sense of ease, comfort and nourishment while you take the time to unwind and let your energy flow.

Type of Instruction

While looking for a retreat that focuses on Ashtanga Yoga, you should try to find a location where yoga teachers offer instruction six days a week. Early morning classes are always good so that you start your day out right. Most yoga retreat destinations will offer each level of yoga so that beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts will not be disappointed. During sessions yoga teaching should reach each person attending the class, if not you need to make sure the instructor is aware. An instructor with yoga certification will be able to recognize if anyone in the class is struggling or needs modification.

At a yoga retreat you can study and share the knowledge and experience with an instructor. Many retreats offer on-site lodging and a special kitchen that will help prepare healthy meals for your body and mind.

While away on your yoga vacation you will be able to work with an instructor on the traditional Eight Limb Yoga system that was designed and passed down from India and begins with a series of postures, or asanas, which are also linked together with synchronizing your breath with movement, or vinyasa. While practicing this style of yoga you will begin with a sun salutation, move through various standing and sitting poses and then finish with restoratives. This practice is smooth with even breathing which helps focus on core strength and which helps you reach a continued stability through the sequence. When you can complete this correctly it will help strengthen and purify your body while you are bringing peace to your mind.

Anyone Can Jump In

A yoga retreat is a great opportunity to strengthen and deepen your practice for yoga or to come and learn how to practice correctly. Some visitors that come to a retreat join as beginners with no idea of what yoga is, what it has to offer and how it will completely change their lives. Some that visit are very experienced yoga lovers and come to gain more experience and guidance from strong teachers. It does not depend on your level of expertise but all visitors will leave a yoga retreat feeling comfortable and very supported.

Yoga retreats come in all shapes and sizes. They can integrate yoga into a vacation or holiday, or more specific retreats focus on special areas of training and interest. Most retreats are designed to simplify so lodging, meals and classes are all part of the cost.

What is Ashtanga Yoga and why should I try this style?

Ashtanga Yoga is a type of asana practice that has been practiced thousands of years and is a beautiful form of yoga. It is the foundation for many approaches today in the world of yoga. It uses the asanas so that the person practicing can learn to focus and move past any mental or physical blocks they encounter while performing a series of poses. Ashtanga yoga incorporates breath with movement and that one needs the other to reach a successful session.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama develops your emotional balance and strength. It focuses on using breath along with the respiratory system to strengthen and purify the nerves.  Over time if this is performed correctly will give you the benefit of better control to a calmer mind and the ability to handle stressful situations in a clearer way.

Go away to a wonderful yoga retreat and allow your energy to flow and your mind and body a rest. Learn how Ashtanga Yoga can train you to handle stress and use your breath to move through any obstacles you face. Bring a sense of joy to each moment of your life.

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