Locals: Day 18


WooHoo… Another day off! One of the best parts about being in Montezuma is going into town and spending time with the locals. Walking down the road from Anamaya, people smile or even stop to ask if you need a ride into town. We saw little families on ATVs and scooters. Doggies run around town free and happy. In the afternoon you’ll catch the boys playing soccer in the middle of the road and by night performing in the band or doing fire shows. In  Montezuma and the towns close by everyone is so friendly. Sometimes the cab drivers and vendors would ask if we were from Anamaya before we ever mentioned it. Word around town is they love when new yogis arrive at Anamaya.



Today a few of us made our way to Santa Teresa. Wow. What a vast stretch of beach. The town is filled with surfers, awesome shops and great local food places. When the night falls the bond fires are lit, drinks are poured, the smell of food is pulling and the music is moving. Hmmm…. Maybe we should just leave everything behind and live at Anamaya forever.

Peace Love and Light

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