Lose Weight and Get Stronger With Yoga

Lose weight and get stronger with yogaWill yoga help me drop the pounds I do not want to be responsible for anymore? A regular practice of yoga will help you and give many benefits, including helping you feel better as you start to become aware that with yoga you start to gain flexibility and strength. Your muscles will start to tone, your stress levels may decline and your over state of well-being seems to improve. With the help from yoga teacher training you can find the right form of yoga which will keep your heart rate high enough to help you burn unwanted calories.

How Do I Get Started?

Your yoga teacher will also explain that while a good form of exercise is required to help shed those unwanted pounds you also have to eat a healthy balanced diet. Some types of yoga will help you lose weight and strengthen your body at the same time. If you plan on using yoga as your only form of exercise you will have to pick one that gives you a hard-hitting 90 minute class that you join at least three times a week. During yoga certification instructors are taught that different types of yoga accomplish different goals. Whether you are looking to gain strength and flexibility or drop some weight the type of yoga may be different. Some slower styles of yoga may not get your heart rate high enough to be a weight loss aid. If you are not getting your heart rate high enough you may want to also combine your yoga with walking or running to reach your goals.

Types of Yoga to Shed the Pounds

Yoga teaching offers many types of classes that will however help you reach personal weight loss goals. These types of yoga are called vinyasa or flow yoga. This yoga style is formed around sun salutations which are a series of different poses. Some of the yoga styles that will help you are:

  • Hot Yoga: This is vinyasa yoga that is practiced in a hot room which makes your body sweat. This form is not for a beginner
  • Power Yoga: This is a constant and vigorous cardiovascular form of yoga and popular for those trying to achieve weight loss
  • Ashtanga: This style of yoga is also a vigorous style and will help you reach weight loss goals. If you are a beginner take classes to help you get started. This will help with motivation and also to learn the poses with others so you can visualize how they should look. Once you have the poses down this is a good form of yoga to do from home

Yoga teacher training also focuses on how adding yoga into your life you not only gain the physical aspect of yoga but the mindful one. Yoga teaches how to listen to your body and to be more willing to accept change into your life. Weight loss is a lifestyle change and so yoga can help you introduce that change into your life in an approach that may be easier to accept. Yoga can help you acknowledge that you have the control over your life and your body. Yoga connects us to our bodies which may translate into better appetite control.

There are many places that offer a certified yoga vacation where you can go for a week and learn how to practice yoga and use the poses correctly. There are ways that you can injure yourself if you are not following the poses correctly. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself right after making the conscience decision to become healthier. This is a setback that can deter you from further weight loss and exercise and so you should be cautious that injury is avoided.


Yoga teacher training tips for keeping your personal goal in sight:

  1. Practice your poses in a room with no mirror and focus on the internal process
  2. Find your “push” where you know you can push just a little farther to give yourself a little challenge
  3. Rest when tired
  4. Make a routine- make a schedule to work out and stick to it!
  5. Yoga builds strength and flexibility but also focuses on your mental health
  6. Find a teacher that inspires you to want to participate

Find someone that has experience and can teach you how to add yoga into your life. Yoga teacher training is a program designed to teach others about the practice of yoga and to share how it can benefit each individual person and their goals.

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