Managing Your Yogic Lifestyle

We know that the most appropriate way to attain optimum health in a natural form is the science of Yoga. Yoga is not only practicing physical postures and meditative practices but a lifestyle which can be lived by everyone. Yoga is a form of understanding and realizing our interactions through life while trying to improve and understand the needs of our body, mind and spirit. Yoga teacher training guides us to the concept of a yogic lifestyle which is living according to the laws of our body and the laws of nature.

Balancing the 3 areas

Managing Your Yogic LifestyleYour lifestyle is the key to achieving a well-being. The yogic perspective does not view health as just being disease free. Yoga believes in a holistic approach to being healthy and where the body, mind and spirit are all separated parts. The practice of yoga teachings will help you achieve a perfect physical, mental and social well-being even in a life with distractions and stress. The meaning of well-being is a physical fitness, mental dexterity, and spiritual enlightenment.

The spiritual connection for well-being emphasizes that we cannot focus on just one area of our bodies but that all three have to be in harmony.

Yogic Balance and Management of the Koshas

According to yoga teachings there are five dimensions of existence into which all the other experiences lie such as physical, emotional and energy. To be able to deal with each kosha yoga teaching has given different techniques.

  • Annamaya kosha/Material Body- Anna refers to “food” and maya refers to “full of”. To bring balance and harmony into the different energies and function of our physical body yoga say to practice asana, pranayama, and the skatkarmas that can help you to purify and detoxify your body.
  • Pranamaya kosha/Energy System-This is the movement of the pranic force which regulates our physical and mental activities. The movement occurs through channels which are conductors of the energy that are controlled by six charkas. The pranamaya kosha says practicing the techniques of pranayama, pranavidya, chakrashuddhi, kriya and Kundalini help to channel this flow of energy through your system and will allow awakening the prana.
  • Manomaya kosha/Mental Awareness- This dimension is composed of two areas manas and buddhi and is the rational mind. Buddhi is the discrimination quality that comes after knowledge and the removal of ignorance. To manage the balance of Manomaya kosha one must practice in Pratyahara, Dharana, mantra, yantra and mandala with meditations.
  • Vijnanamaya kosha/Wisdom and Knowledge- This area is the confirmation  of knowledge which is gained from experiences and memories from our lifetime and past lives. We all have an abundance of knowledge stored in ourselves but we are not educated to find that inner wisdom. Vijnanamaya kosha give the ability to know and become an observer of what is happening to allow you to live a reality and not fantasize about it. To experience the power of Vijnanamaya kosha you need practice in dhyana, laya yoga and nada yoga.
  • Anandamaya kosha/Bliss- to experience this state of Anandamaya kosha you must reach to awaken Kundalini. It is the idea of managing the different dimensions of human experience and existence that yoga has evolved.

Managing your mind

Yoga teacher training says that there are methods to use that bring your focus to the mind to harmonize and balance yourself. You must first develop certain qualities beginning with being able to release the tension through practice of relaxation. Yoga teaching shows us how relaxation is the approach to releasing the blocks in our path, not just in our minds but also throughout our body. When you are able to relax physically, mentally and emotionally you are able to be instructed through yoga teaching to develop a personal awareness. This will give you the ability to connect with the world, society, family and friends around you. Creating and connecting to your awareness is the result of living a yogic lifestyle. Once you are able to connect and develop reflections, concentration and introspection through meditation, you will be able to harmonize with your inner personality. This brings you complete well-being.

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