Montezuma: Welcome to Paradise

Montezuma, rising star of the Nicoya Peninsula. At first glance, a laid-back beach town with friendly locals and rolling waves but venture out and stay a little longer to unlock the secrets of the magic coastal gem.

If wanderlust leads you to Costa Rica, you simply cannot leave without getting lost in Montezuma. In fact, be careful otherwise you may never want to leave. Not just a perfect pit stop for surfing enthusiasts and a yoga mecca, the area has so much more to offer than its most apparent tourist attractions. It’s no secret that Montezuma lies within one of the world’s six Blue Zones. These are specific areas where residents most commonly live over ninety, with a high frequency of people who live over the age of 100. The vibrant community and laid-back lifestyle are so contagious that many tourists make the unintentional transition to local residents.

Known for great people and great service, the business community is comprised of a diverse blend of nationalities, half Ticos and half expats. Many of the successful businesses in Montezuma are owned by foreign entrepreneurs that have lived in the area for 10+ years. With a great mix of Costa Ricans and foreigners who have come to relish the barefoot, back to basics jungle vibe, the community is remarkably well integrated.

Montezuma is a hub of excellent eateries, with a selection of restaurants delivering 5 star food for a 3 star price, catering to raw foodies and gluttons alike. That’s what happens when locals and expats follow their hearts and stomachs to create inspired culinary offerings. Clandestina and the beachfront Italian fusion bistro, Playa de los Artistas are just a couple of the many restaurants, famed for their use of local ingredients. Café Organica, just off the main drag is perfect for health nuts who are passionate about clean eating and taking the opportunity to be zen and cleanse.

Looking for a unique volunteering experience? Get down and dirty at Ranch Delicioso, Montezuma’s largest organic farm. Volunteers not only have the opportunity to learn about and practice organic permaculture but will be able to take yoga lessons and enjoy ‘farm to table’ dining experiences right there in the fields.

One of Costa Rica’s leading yoga havens, there are classes of various styles available in the beachside town. For those looking to take their practice one step further, Anamaya Spa and Resort offers teacher trainings with some of the world’s best instructors. Spend a whole month on the property which boasts breathtaking views of the uninterrupted coast line, an extensive organic menu and exotic villas, all with ocean views.

For all of the animal lovers, looking for something even more unique than spotting Costa Rican rain forest dwellers (monkeys, toucans and sloths) why not try your hand at horse whispering? Montezuma’s resident equine communicator, Shawnnah offers animal lovers the opportunity to learn her secrets. Horse psychology, horse whispering lessons and of curse riding tours are among the services she can provide.

With multiple waterfalls for swimming tucked away in a natural, accessible jungle gym and tremendously beautiful sandy beaches within walking distance, Montezuma has a history for being a center for sustainability and wildlife. Scuba divers will relish the opportunity to explore the rugged coastline and in season, whale sightings occur almost daily.

Montezuma architecture, inspired by the tropical climate, paying homage to the diverse animal life, will delight tourists and building buffs. Boasting a bountiful array of villas for rent, priced to suit all budgets, there’s no shortage of sleeping options. In fact, the town is home to a somewhat secret artists’ colony with public art and sculptures dotted around the area.

Whenever you find the space in your life to visit this oasis, Montezuma will welcome you with open arms and an overwhelming sense of ‘Pura vida’.

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