3 Week 200hr Hatha and Vinyasa YTT with Antoine Tinawi

Buddha on Yoga DeckJoin us on an intensive 3-week Yoga Teacher Training with, not one, but three teachers that have dedicated their lives to yoga. Each module of this 200h training is offered by a teacher who has specialized in that aspect of the practice, allowing you to acquire a broader and more thorough understanding of yoga.

This training gives you the tools to develop your own sequences based on the needs of your students and based on the yoga that is authentic to you. The training is in both Hatha (Classical) and Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga, the two most in-demand styles of yoga.

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July 21 – Aug 11, 2018

By the end of this program, each participant that fulfilled all the requirements will receive a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Antoine’s school Om West. This certificate is recognized internationally by Yoga Alliance.

At the time the training starts you must have:

  • Been practicing yoga for one year or more
  • Eliminated all drugs and smoking habits from your life

Primary Instructor Antoine Tinawi, E-RYT

Antoine TinawiAntoine owns and runs two successful yoga studios in Montreal, Canada. Having studied yoga for 24 years with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the world’s most renowned masters of yoga, Antoine has a vast knowledge of yoga that goes far and wide beyond the physical aspects of postures. He is a firm believer that yoga teachers need to have a skillful balance and equal knowledge of both the classical traditional yoga from India as well as the modern more popular forms of yoga practiced in the West. Antoine is a master at bringing about a powerful life transformation in students, mainly by allowing them to experience yoga as a complete lifestyle. Antoine is a former IT Project Manager, he has been practicing yoga since 1993 and teaching it since 2002. He has completed eleven 200h or 500h Yoga Teacher Training programs as a student and teaches three 200h Yoga Techer Training Programs each year. He is also a registered massage therapist and Ayurveda therapist.

Guest Teachers

On this training you will also benefit from the presence of two outstanding guest teachers, Pamela Gooria and Dr. Michelle Carroll. Pamela and Michelle are specialized in different modules of the training giving you a more in-depth understanding of the various dimensions of yoga as well as a unique diversity of perspectives on the practice of yoga.

Dr. Michelle Carroll, Faculty

michelle-carrollMichelle is an athlete who understands the art of Asana like very few people do. Having been on the provincial gymnastics team and on the federal diving team, Michelle understands the importance of alignment and of utilizing our body’s potential to its full expression. With a PhD in Pharmacology, Michelle is extremely skilled at explaining Yoga anatomy and the physiological effects of the practice. Her dynamic style of teaching is sure to challenge even the most hard core yogis.


Pamela Gooria, E-RYT

Pamela GooriaPamela is skilled at bringing out the spiritual and authentic dimensions of yoga into our practice. Her radiance and wisdom are enough to move us and to allow us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. She brings silence and depth to a yoga practice like very few people have ever experienced before. Pamela is a former robotics engineer and has been teaching yoga for over a decade.




Training Structure

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice: Asana, Pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, mantras, mudras, bhandas, and other traditional yoga practices.
  2. Teaching Methodology: Communication skills, sequencing classes, legal considerations, adjusting students, adapting the practice, teaching to multiple levels.
  3. Anatomy & Physiology: Correct alignment, injury prevention, indications and contra-indications, Ayurveda, energy and prana flows and yoga anatomy.
  4. Philosophy & Lifestyle: Yoga scriptures, yogic lifestyle & diet, Code of Ethics, Paths of Yoga.
  5. Practicum: Practice teaching classes.
    • Day 1: Arrival
    • Day 2-7: Training Week 1
    • Day 8: Day Off
    • Day 9-14: Training Week 2
    • Day 15: Day Off
    • Day 16-21: Training Week 3
    • Day 21: Graduation
    • Day 22-28: Optional Week 4: Yoga, Surf, Happiness Program
    • Day 29: Departure


Sample Day

  • 6:30 AM: Vinyasa Yoga Practice
  • 8:00 PM: Breakfast
  • 9:00 AM: Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle
  • 10:30AM: Break
  • 11:00 AM: Asana Breakdown (Anatomy, Postural, & Alignment Principles)
  • 1:00 PM: Lunch & Free Time
  • 3:30 PM: Teaching Methodology
  • 5:00 PM: Snack Time
  • 5:30 PM: Hatha Yoga System (Mindfulness, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantras)
  • 7:00 PM: Dinner & Free Time or Study

Week 4 (Optional)

The fourth week of the training is optional. Anamaya will be open to regular retreat guests during this week, so many YTT students can invite family members to stay with them at Anamaya. We expect it to fill up early so be sure to reserve this early if you hope to bring someone to stay with you.

There will be three workshops available on the 4th week. A Pranayama Workshop, an Ayurveda Workshop, and an Eye Yoga Workshop.




By the Time the Training Starts:
  • We ask that you have been practicing yoga for at least one year.
  • That you have eliminated all drugs and smoking habits from your lifestyle.
Preparation for the 200 hr YTT

Rather than proposing required reading prior to enrollment, we suggest instead that you practice as much and as often as you can in different studios with different teachers. A 350-page manual for the 200h Yoga Teacher Training Program will be given to you on the first day of the training.

We also invite you to start paying attention to the things in your life that uplift you and to start the process of detaching yourself from the things that drag you down. By the time you start the training you should be completely cigarette and drug free. During the training, we will continue our cleansing by avoiding alcohol as well.

The time spent ourdoors, the healthy food at Anamaya, and the daily yoga practice will put you in the best shape of your life by the end of this training. Not only physically but also mentally due to the process of transformation that happens during the training from the deep connection you will kindle with yourself and develop with nature and with others.


Here is what the students from last year YTT at Anamaya had to say about the training:

This teacher training with Antoine & Pamela far exceeded my expectations! Antoine’s smile and enthusiastic nature form Day 1 put all my worries aside. His humour and authenticity spoke to me in a way that no other teacher could have! I love his integrity in keeping with the true tradition of yoga and its history. Yet at the same time he told real life stories that demonstrated how yoga is accessible and life changing! (Your stories are the BEST!!) You helped give words and reasons to how yoga has changed my life. You helped me realize and validate the path I am on. Your smile, your laugh, your love -> your true self! Pamela, your beautiful warmth and intelligence completed this training. Thank you for being here. I really enjoyed our little chats and getting to know you (+ Ayurveda). I hope to visit you both in Montreal. And PLEASE come to New Brunswick. I also have a guest bedroom that like to be filled!” <3 Sarah

This was the most amazing journey that I have ever been on. I was definitely challenged physically, but more importantly, mentally. I have learned so much about myself and how yoga has begun to transform my life. And what better way to do that than in this magical resort where everyone and everything is so full of love and support! My head and heart are so abundantly full of love and gratitude. I’m looking forward to processing what I’ve learned and ready to continue my transformation. Thank you Antoine, Pamela and Michelle for the guidance and knowledge you have provided. Much love. Namaste” – Kim

Pamela, Michelle and Antoine: Thank You! You have created an environment that was light, welcoming, nourishing, and embracing from beginning to end. Pamela, thank you for your receptivity, maturity and humility. Michelle thank you for your unequalled generosity. Antoine, thanks for the love. -OM” -Kenza

Antoine, Pamela and Michelle – Overall, I feel incredibly grateful to have learned from each on of you, with each one of you. The knowledge I have received has been sacred and a gift many others may not have received during trainings. I absolutely loved the diversity of workshops and leaning the true path in an often misinterpreted world and practice. Before I arrived I had lost myself and here I feel more confident and comfortable inside of myself. For the first time in a while it feels good to be me. Thank you for opening my heart back up. Namaste – Om Shanti” -Kileen

Antoine, Michelle and Pam – WOW. I think I sometimes subtle changes are the most profound. I know that many subtle shifts have taken place over the past 3 weeks. A second of this meditation, a moment of clarity, an instance of balance is a posture. Thank you for these moments, for the seeds that you have planted that will continue to blossom longer after we’ve all gone our separate ways. I’m so grateful for this opportunity that we’ve all shared together. Antoine, your relentless positivity is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Thank you for simplifying and complicating (new perspectives) life all at once. Michelle you are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your passion with us and taking us all to places we didn’t know our bodies could go. Pam, thank you for radiating love, kindness and understanding. I know our journey and training would not be nearly as complete without all 3 of you. I will NEVER forget this time, these people, or this place. Namaste. xoxoxo PS: I LOVE singing – thank you for sharing music with us.”  – Kat

Dear teachers, Antoine, Pamela and Michelle – I am filled with joy. Not because I’m leaving, but because of all the knowledge, kindness and inspiration I have received. I feel so very privileged to have been able to get an insight in your mind and philosophy. I’m filled with joy because you three have taught me that LOVE is the only way, and I can’t wait to give my family, friends, and strangers the love and kindness that is so important in life. I came here scared of my future, but you three helped me see that everything is possible. Therefore I’m so excited to teach and share the way of yoga with my people back home, but also at the community centre and everyone else. I’m so grateful and happy to have met you, Antoine, Pamela and Michelle. Best of wishes.” -Mette

Dear Antoine, Pamela and Michelle, I am filled with gratitude for all the teachings I have been given throughout my journey at the Anamaya. Your loving, encouraging presence has been uplifting and healing. This experience has allowed me to look deeper within myself and grow into a more accepting and compassionate person, by embracing a beautiful diversity of souls and by seeing divine love within all Creation. The chanting is slowly helping me find my true voice, resonating from my heart and not only the mind. The asanas have further embodied my spirit, as I am learning to be inside my body comfortable and pleasantly despite the imperfections. The teachings of Yoga have deepened my own spiritual teachings. With deepest gratitude for all your work!

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Our Yoga Teacher Training at Anamaya are about making sure each participant receives the individual attention needed to maximize his or her results. Also, optimal group dynamics and energy require a limited group size. For these reasons, space is limited and sessions often fill up quickly.

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