Partner Yoga Teacher Training

partner yoga teacher trainingPartner Yoga is two or more people connecting together to deepen the results and experience of a yoga practice. The difference that partner yoga brings to the table is touch. We touch and are touched by others through the practice. We are able to use leverage and traction and the awareness that is created through touch to allow ourselves to open to greater depths in our body and mind. Yoga teacher training is focusing on this style of yoga to help build communication and strengthen relationships.

Yoga teacher training is a great opportunity to develop skills and explore in this unique healing art that takes the traditional idea of yoga and builds into the connection of relationship and connection to others. Yoga certification programs tend to run a 50-60 hour accredited course and it is applicable towards your continuing education hours. After completion of the program you will earn a certificate.

Who can participate in this program?

This program is completely designed to be available to anyone with at least a two year practice of yoga and has great interest in learning more about Partner Yoga. This applies to any yoga or academic teacher, therapists that work in relationship and communication building, wellness and healing coaches or just people that are looking to learn new skills in communication. This program offers many techniques, tools and ideas to help guide your relationship building.

What is the purpose behind Partner Yoga?

Partner yoga’s main focus is to provide the opportunity for individuals to find the strength within themselves to create strong and lasting relationships in their lives. This yoga teaching helps empower each person to use the healing skills you will learn through partner yoga. The training itself can be applied in many forms including personal self-growth and embodiment, deepening your knowledge of the traditional yoga practice, couples therapy, toning body fitness, and creating healthy environments.

Training Topics:

  • Partner Yoga over-all ideas on assisting, mirroring postures, creative composition of the poses, inversion and group formations
  • Being able to understand and implement the principles of partner yoga
  • Designing class and workshop curriculum
  • Being able to guide group dynamics
  • Voice intonation
  • Leading physical and energetic warm-up exercises that include Thai yoga massage techniques
  • Meditation with a partner
  • Finding partner alignment that brings strength, flexibility and balance to practice
  • Being able to use gravity and traction in your practice
  • Knowing physical anatomy of the sacrum and pelvic area
  • Being able to demonstrate partner practices
  • Being able to safely instruct aerial partner poses
  • Being able to maintain control with intimacy issues and boundaries
  • Strong foundation for touch

Timing-When should I take the teacher training courses?

Yoga teacher training is a huge commitment and requires a huge dedication from the student that is ready and full of excitement to share this experience with others. The right time is different for each person but the best way to know is when can you give 100% of yourself and get the most out of the experience? That is the moment you will know you are ready. Yoga teaching is something that you have to be ready to provide with no boundaries or hesitations. The more time you give to the practice the more prepared you will be to share it with others.

Going through yoga teacher training is a process that takes time and you need to be willing to give that time. This is nothing that you can rush or learn half way. It takes full concentration and practice to achieve positive results.

Relationship between student/trainer

The ideal thing at yoga teacher training would be to have a personal relationship and connection with each person that is involved in the training program. Building relationships takes time so the more dedication you bring to the program and the more you participate in classes and workshops the easier it will be to build those personal relationships among your peers. This will also give you the benefit of receiving feedback on your practice and provide support to you as you progress and grow.

Anamaya Resort does not provide teacher training for this particular type of yoga. If you are interested to learn more you can visit the website for the teacher training program.

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