Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy-Benefits

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy-BenefitsInside each of us we have the ability to heal ourselves and find solutions to problems that we face in our lives. Phoenix Rising yoga therapy can aid this type of healing by giving you the tools you need to connect with your own ability to look inside and heal yourself. Using traditional yoga postures from Hatha Yoga, breathing and meditation, your personal transformation can be within reach and you will be able to release those deep tensions through self-discovery. Clients will see that their daily routine can be part of the physical and emotional tension that they often cannot let go of. Going through yoga teacher training is the first step in your journey to yoga certification for therapy.

What Happens During a Phoenix Rising Therapy Session?

When being part of a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy session you will be assisted on a one-on-one process of yoga postures and flowing dialogue for about one and half hours. Your therapy yoga teacher will guide you through postures and simple dialogue so that you can experience the connection of your emotional and physical self. While using the focus on your breathing, the connection of mind and body is held and explored, benefiting with the release of tension and allowing your personal healing and growth.

What Will You Gain From This Experience?

While working with clients, yoga therapy instructors have shared that their clients will walk away with numerous benefits. The client will have a feeling of deep relaxation and greater emotional stability. Their mental clarity, sense of empowerment and stronger self-esteem is more present. There may be a clearer focus or sense of perspective for what is ahead of them. Their attention is still so connected with mind and body that they walk away with greater body awareness and feeling good in their own skin. Some may experience a sense of physical relief to chronic pains and aches. They will be able to take deeper breaths and release the tension and fears they encounter. They can connect easier to themselves and trust their decisions and actions. Through yoga teacher training you can be able to work in private sessions with your clients and use your yoga teaching to help them find a new level of health.

Who Benefits From Phoenix Rising Therapy?

It does not matter if your pain comes from a major trauma like an accident you experienced or from a trauma that is caused by self-neglect or chronic stress, yoga therapy offers a new and safe way for you to find a natural way to a healthier life. This type of yoga therapy is offered on a personal, one-on-one basis in a safe and comfortable atmosphere and each session is geared to each client’s personal journey to wellness. Clients have found that yoga therapy is very powerful and beneficial to helping achieve a healthier mind set and to find balance in their lives. Some things that clients see a yoga therapist for are chronic pain, substance abuse recovery, or to find a path to healing from past physical abuse. Some clients just use it as a tool for more traditional treatment types such as physical therapy and psychotherapy.

Introduction to Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Through yoga teacher training the first phase will help you recognize the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy principles and guide you through a yoga based mind and body experience. There you will learn techniques that will help you tap into the wisdom of your body and be able to apply that wisdom to what is happening in your own life. These practices will include imagery, some body-centered awareness exercises, breath work and some restorative asanas that will aid your yoga practice and bring a deeper and personal experience.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Intensive Practice

Yoga teacher training is constantly teaching us to listen to our bodies. Our bodies are constantly offering us information about the choices we make and how it affects our bodies. Unfortunately, we do not always know how to fix it or the tools and resources we may need to understand what hints our body is trying to give us. When we practice yoga therapy and we hold postures for a longer period of time while at the same time incorporating inner awareness, deep imagery, and focus on our breathing we can move into a much deeper conversation and awareness with our bodies. With an Intensive yoga therapy practice we can focus on some of the different postures and themes and how they each affect the body. This gives you the opportunity to be able to identify with your body and learn what is happening so that the tension and worry does not get stored. By deepening your yoga practice it helps support your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being and connect that to the daily situations that you face each day.



Please contact Phoenix Rising if you are interested in yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in the Phoenix Rising Style.   Anamaya does not offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, but we offer other styles of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. 1-800-288-9642 or 1-802-453-6444 (outside the U.S.)

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