Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Retreats

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy RetreatsSometimes we have to look for outside sources to help guide us, even though somewhere deep within our own selves we know that we need to slow down and listen to what our body is telling us, listen to that little inner voice. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is done in a guided body process which is psychologically therapeutic. With the combination of client dialogue and mindful yoga techniques while in a confidential setting this yoga therapy brings deep self-awareness to those practicing. When clients can reconnect to their inner voice and listen to what their body is telling them they can identify their own abilities to create a positive change. Going away to a yoga retreat that focuses on wellness can be a wonderful aid to those fighting inner personal battles.

The Phoenix Rising yoga therapy belief is that your body already contains all the inner knowledge and resources that you need to move forward and find wholeness and reach that deeper connection to a healthy life. While at the same time your body is storing memories of all the hard times you have gone through and all the emotions attached to those moments. Those experiences can surface in your body as muscle or nerve tension, aches and pains, or lifestyle illnesses. Through yoga teaching you can work through those memories with a yoga therapist to start healing.

Find a Retreat

Getting away to a yoga retreat that provides Phoenix Rising yoga therapy can be a double beneficial trip away. Not only can you get away to relax and find some much needed rest and relaxation but you can work on identifying what is bothering you and maybe leave without them still attached to your well-being.

Look for a yoga retreat that can offer you the guided process for self-healing and spiritual growth for the mind, body and heart. Yoga therapy is very beneficial and can help heal you from many emotional and physical situations such as:

  • Traumatic experiences
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions (Divorce, new job, death, pregnancy, parenting)
  • Stress
  • Anxiety


Types of Retreats

There are many settings available to choose from. With the idea behind a yoga retreat we want to get away. Do you want to have someone at free time to enjoy other activities with or be completely left alone to do your own thing? Those are decisions to make before choosing which type of yoga retreat to experience.

Personal Retreat

Personal yoga retreats are made for one person to experience a personal healing journey. You will be provided a private yoga teacher with your own sessions along with meditation. Also available with your yoga therapy is aromatherapy and emotional release sessions. Of course like all other yoga retreats you will enjoy delicious food, lodging and transportation to outdoor excursions.

Group Retreat

Find a yoga retreat that will guide you in slowing down and finding your inner experience to bring joy back into your life. These therapists all have extensive yoga certification and therapy skills to help provide you the guidance that you are lacking. Finding a group retreat is another tool for healing. Not only are you able to have your private sessions of yoga therapy but you can also participate in group yoga sessions to enrich your experience with new friendships and a bigger support group from people that are also there to learn how to read their bodies and let go of the stresses that are keeping them from feeling well. You can walk away from a private session and go find another retreat guest and share what experience you had and how you reached that release. By sharing with others you are also talking about the emotions and memories that may have been locked away for a long time. This is another great step to healing your body from the negative energy that has been there.

Get Away

Sometimes we face moments in our lives where we feel like something is dragging us down. Maybe we are going through a rough transitional time and it becomes too much to endure. If you are reaching that point in your life and feel this way maybe it is time to pamper yourself and find a spiritual yoga retreat. There you will be nurtured by a trusted coach, who will listen and be your support person. You can choose whatever optional activities are provided and learn how to tap into your positive energy for strength and joy.


Please contact Phoenix Rising if you are interested in yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in the Phoenix Rising Style.   Anamaya does not offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, but we offer other styles of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. 1-800-288-9642 or 1-802-453-6444 (outside the U.S.)

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