Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy- Teacher Training

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy- Teacher TrainingPhoenix Rising Yoga Therapy uses a holistic, client-centered approach and combines yoga with therapy techniques while emphasizing on personal growth and discovery. During therapy sessions yoga teachers are not allowed to try and diagnose or offer and sort of specific treatment plan. As a Phoenix Rising Yoga therapist you are trained to assist your client in making their own determination in regard to the mental and physical issues that they face, how to change it, and how to figure out how to do the changes. Yoga teacher training will help provide you with the basic tools and the next steps to achieving this goal.

Phoenix Rising, founded by Michael Lee, was created with complete knowledge from his background in psychology, holistic health, yoga and education. This style of yoga therapy is designed after Kripalu Yoga which Michael Lee was a student in that style for many years. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy also incorporates the styles and teachings on Iyengar, Yogananda, Bikram, and Stayananda. He takes many styles of yoga teaching to make sure that each session with a client can provide what that client needs to succeed and get healthy.


This type of yoga therapy training puts more thought and yoga teaching on the mental, emotional and spiritual facets of healing, than just looking at the physical problem the client may be struggling with. Phoenix Rising tries to directly approach the mental-emotional issue of health problems. The therapist that not only went through yoga teacher training now has to focus on connecting with their client so that they can encourage them to find their inner self and make a connection. By using different yoga techniques they can bring a deeper sense of presence and awareness of what is happening and a better idea of how to embrace the challenges that they face as a chance for change and growth.

Yoga therapy courses for Phoenix Rising programs focus on bringing in assisted postures, dialogue techniques, body psychology, proper body mechanics and breathing skills. Phoenix Rising therapy yoga certification programs are based on the concept that we are all possible healers we just need to know what to do.

Types of Training Programs

After you have gone through yoga teacher training and wish to further your career by going through therapy training you can focus on Phoenix Rising programs. To obtain the yoga certification that you need there are three program levels that you have to complete, which also includes eight months of distance learning and 174 hours of contact hours and supervision with an assigned mentor. These programs are accredited by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Level 1-Duration 4 days

During level one you will learn about the practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and their principles. Most of the learning is done through experience including how to use techniques when assisting your client. You will learn how to understand the significance of each posture and how you can apply it to heal your client. Warnings, benefits, postures, modifications, preparation and transitioning are also covered. You will also learn how to guide your client with a mental scan to find areas of tension.

Level 2-Duration 6 days

The focus on this level is the dialogue techniques and how to use communication to enhance the mind and body consciousness and deepen the yoga therapy experience by learning how to focus on awareness. Learning how to help your clients open through transformation and accepting their inner guidance.

Level 3- Duration 8 months

This is the most comprehensive phase of the program and distance learning portion and is designed to provide professional experience knowledge, understanding, and the confidence needed to establish your career. There are practice sessions and intensive workshops that you can participate in, while you study professional literature that is related to psychotherapy and yoga.

Help Guide Others

After completely your yoga teacher training and then taking the steps to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist you will be able to bridge the gap that lies between your spiritual life and career. These training programs bring an opportunity to you to find a career that is powerful and help heal others through the use of ancient yogic wisdom and the mix of contemporary therapeutic techniques. You will be able to help your clients find a deep safe physical sensation with dialogue to help them heal. By just listening and guiding them to listen to their own body they can learn to release emotions and feelings that can manifest in aches and pains within their bodies. There are many instructors now continuing on to help their students and have adapted their skills to work as yoga therapists, yoga teachers, psychotherapists, and holistic healers.

Please contact Phoenix Rising if you are interested in yoga retreats and yoga teacher training in the Phoenix Rising Style.   Anamaya does not offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, but we offer other styles of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. 1-800-288-9642 or 1-802-453-6444 (outside the U.S.)

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