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Phoenix Rising Yoga TherapySo often we just feel that we have reached a dead end of sorts and so we look for some outside guidance to help us through, while we really know that the real help is being able to slow down and reconnect within ourselves and listen to that voice inside. Yoga teacher training is starting to use yoga as a new means of therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy uses a combination of classical yoga techniques along with pieces of more contemporary mind-body psychology. This helps us to find a deeper connection with our self.  Having a stronger connection to who we are gives us the ability to embrace change, growth and allow bringing well-being into our body, thoughts, feelings and spirit.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was created about 20 years ago through a personal experience of Michael Lee, a practicing Kripalu yoga teacher. During his yoga session he noticed that when he was assisted by someone helping him hold a yoga pose and he spoke about what thoughts, sensations, feelings and images came into thought, he was able to release deeper held tensions, trauma and emotions.

Today this yoga therapy practice has become something that includes psychology practice of using open ended dialogue through its practice. Phoenix Rising yoga therapy also brings in a yogic belief that within us is already a wiser inner being that has all the answers and information that we are seeking.

Therapy Session

Someone that has gone through yoga certification and has the ability to take on this style of yoga therapy will have to be able to connect with their patient. Before beginning a session the therapist and patient need to be familiar with each other. Some therapist may send out a question form so that when the time comes for a first session they are a little more familiar with their patient and the connection is made.

Starting out

Before the session begins the patient will be asked about what sort of intention they have for the session and what they hope to gain from it. From this point the yoga teaching moves into the poses which are supported by either tools and props such as blankets and bolsters or by the therapist themselves. As the session moves forward the therapist wants the patient to be able to generate their own ideas and emotions as they listen to what their body is telling them. As the session continues the therapist may ask what the patient is feeling or what is happening with their body.

Listening to your Yoga

During your Phoenix Rising yoga therapy session the majority of it will be Rogerian Dialogue which is where the therapist repeats back to you and validates what you are saying, or a hands on assisted posture help with breathing work. The entire session is geared towards the therapist being there for the patients experience without any judgment or analyzing. This gives an air of pure support and unconditional regard allowing the patient to love themselves.

Yoga teacher training will give you the basic yoga tools for understanding this practice but not every yogi is a natural in this element. The patient continues to talk and explain what feelings they are having and what areas of the body are feeling what sensations. As the therapist guides them through supported stretch they are made aware that what is happening in their body during the session is what is taking place in their lives. Your life is inside your body but we normally do not listen to it.

Our bodies tend to hold onto emotions and sometimes at various times in our life these emotions arise and could be out of your comfort zone. If you can use yoga and the poses to allow yourself to feel those emotions and work through them you may be able to release some negative energy that is keeping you from being free of it.

16 Postures

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has a set of 16 basic postures that were taken from traditional Hatha Yoga Practice. Each posture has at least two variations to those postures so that a therapist can fit the session better to the patient. These postures with support will help push and guide the patient to allowing their feelings to be present and giving you the support of not being alone and working through them.

Healing Touch

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a new holistic healing piece of yoga. This yoga therapy brings awareness and presence rather than the prescribed treatments. Using an ancient yogic approach taught through yoga teacher training we can find a deeper awareness and presence understanding who we are better. With having this sort of understanding it allows us to move more easily and to embrace the opportunity for growth, change and a strong and healthier well-being in our body, thought, feelings and spirit.

Please contact Phoenix Rising if you are interested in yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings in the Phoenix Rising Style.   Anamaya does not offer Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, but we offer other styles of yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. 1-800-288-9642 or 1-802-453-6444 (outside the U.S.)

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