Anamaya Photos


Our guests are often awestruck by the beauty of both the view and the main building of Anamaya itself. The style is a combination of Balinese and Mediterranean architecture, made primarily with materials made in Costa Rica. The colors are light, ceilings are high or vaulted, and there are windows everywhere, to connect inside with outside.


Anamaya resort’s main building, taken from just below the Bali Cabina.


Great photo of Anamaya taken from the ocean below, showing how it’s perched high on a point above the area.


Main building, taken before it was Anamaya and just a private villa.


Anamaya’s front entrance just before sunset, showing some of the Balinese detail on the roof, and the hand-carved stone flowers in the column footers.


Yes, we have umbrellas inside and so far they’ve brought us lots of good luck. These were made in Bali and help to create the exotic atmosphere that is prevelant throughout our yoga resort.


Another view of the inside of the main room, showing the location of the dining table. We have since added two Moroccan mosaic tables underneath the umbrellas.


This show’s Anamaya’s kitchen, where the chefs do the final preparation and serving of meals, after doing most of the prep work in an other spot. We sometimes have raw food cooking classes here as well.


This ‘conversation pit’ (architectural term) is in the corner of Anamaya’s main room, and was designed so that there would be no furniture blocking the spectacular ocean views out both windows.


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