Bali Cabina

Accommodates: 2 people
Features: Ocean View – AC – Ceiling Fan – Garden Bathroom, Bathtub – Deck – Hammock
Description: The Bali Cabina is the most popular and romantic cabina at Anamaya, and is usually the first booked. It was actually designed and made in Bali, then disassembled and shipped here to Costa Rica.

The ‘Bali Cabina’ is probably the favorite of all the rooms at Anamaya. It was designed and built in Bali, Indonesia, then disassembled, shipped to Costa Rica, and re-assembled here. The garden bathroom and deck were built in Costa Rica to finish the cabina.

The Bali Cabina has one of the most beautiful views of any cabina in Costa Rica, creating a very romantic feeling.

This photo more clearly shows the position of the Bali Cabina and the spectacular view looking out to the east. The Bali House has three walls of glass, with long curtains for privacy.

The color theme of the Bali Cabina is RED. The floor is locally-grown ‘melina’ wood, which is naturally impervious to termites and other wood-eating bugs, and was stained with red to help create the very exotic look.

The Bali Cabina has a single hammock with a spectacular view of the waves breaking on rocks below. From here you can also see the mainland of Costa Rica, all the way down towards Jaco and Quepos. On a lucky day you may see whales or dolphins, and most of the time you can hear Montezuma Falls to the north, which is only a five minute walk from a private path that starts behind this cabina.

In the Bali cabin we like to stick to red colors, to create a very rich and exotic visual experience for our guests.

The Bali house’s furniture and lamps are actually mostly from Morocco, or are made in Costa Rica with a Moroccan style.

The outdoor/garden bathroom is one of only two rooms that has a bathtub. From the tub or shower you look directly east through a round window towards the ocean.

This Balinese chair was originally purchased at a garage sale in Seattle, Washington and brought down to Costa Rica by the owners.

The garden-style bathroom is a favorite part of tropical architecture and design, and not something that guests usually have in their home. The garden bathroom in the Bali house is the largest of the bathrooms at Anamaya, with a very large tiled bathtub.

This Moroccan-made wrought iron mirror is set into the wall, and the hole its sits inside was originally made to fit it perfectly.

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