The Casita

Accommodates: 5 people
Features: Ocean View –  AC – Ceiling Fans – Deck – Hammocks – 2 Bathrooms
Description: The Casita was the first house build on the Anamaya property, and it’s one of the cutest little houses in Montezuma. It has a huge deck with hammocks, overlooking the gardens and ocean.

The Casita was the first structures to be built on the property by Geoff and Karen McCabe, two of Anamaya’s owners. It is an extremely well designed house for the tropics, with lots of light and airflow, and a large deck with views of the jungle and ocean.


The casita is set apart from the other rooms, and offers the most privacy and the most space, and is surrounded by gardens.


Surrounded by jungle, the casita also has organic herb and vegetable gardens.


There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a nap in one of the casita’s hammocks.


The jungle around Anamaya is teeming with life. We see monkeys almost daily, as well as many other jungle animals.


Like most of the construction at Anamaya, it’s designed to be very beautiful at night. Costa Rica’s skies are extremely clear, and when there are no clouds, you’ll be able to clearly see the milky way and other astronomical features.


The interior of the casita has an arched door and arched window connecting the bedroom with the sala.






Tropical green building - outside garden
The Casita’s outside garden bathroom and shower.


Garden Bathroom Design
The outside bathroom includes a shower, sink, and toilet. Inside is the same. Feel free to take a shower in the rain. It’s fun

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