Prana Cabina

Accommodates: 1-2 people in Queen bed
Features: Ocean View – AC – Ceiling Fan – Deck – Desk – Hammock
Description: The Prana cabina is a favorite cabina of visiting couples or solo travellers. It’s cozy and private, with incredible south-facing views of the ocean and southern Nicoya peninsula.

The prana room faces nearly directly south, with a view of both the sunrise and the sunset.

The prana room’s view includes a distant visa of Cabo Blanco national park, located at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. On a very rare day, you may see a rainbow down inside the valley, spawned off a waterfall hidden there.

You will find the prana room down two flights of stairs, a short distance from the main building. It has air conditioning and a ceiling fan, but most of our guests only use the fan.

Prana is one of our coziest cabina. Despite it’s small size, the prana room has everything you might need and is a favorite of couples who come for retreats at Anamaya. The open closet has a small desk with an ocean view, and there is also a private deck with a hammock.

The prana room is one of the most eco-friendly cabinas built in Costa Rica. All the materials are non-toxic…even the stucco was specially made for us without the usual fungicides. We combat mildew and fungus instead with good airflow, lots of light, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

The deck has a hammock offering a gorgeous view of the ocean and the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. On a good day you may see whales or dolphins in the ocean below in front of the Rio Montezuma rivermouth.

Anamaya has very exotic lighting throughout its design, to help create a spectacular and unique experience for our guests.

The prana room has two buddha statues built into niches on its sides, to help create a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Costa Rica sunset with the prana room in the foreground.

The prana room is built into the hillside, giving it a feeling of great height, and thus spectacular views, from within.

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