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Our guests tell us that the photos of our yoga deck are a big reason they chose Anamaya for their yoga retreat. They say “I saw your deck and I said to myself: ‘I want to do yoga THERE!’ We’re continually trying to improve our photos, but it really doesn’t capture the amazing cliff-edge view. Everyone says that as spectacular as the photos are, it’s even so much better in person. The feeling of height, with the hawks flying below, above the jungle canopy, the sun reflecting off the water, and the gentle tropical breeze, create an atmosphere of peace and serenity that’s just perfect for yoga. Now we’ve constructed a second yoga platform so we can offer more workshops and events! See below for photos. We hope you’ll join us to see for yourself!

Shimmering Moonlight Over The Ocean from The Anamaya Yoga Deck


Our main yoga deck with the rising full moon


Anamaya Resort Yoga Decks

 Open air yoga rich with jungle sounds

Yoga Teacher Training at Anamaya Resort

 Our yoga deck was built out of locally farmed Melina wood, a type of “sour” wood that naturally repels termites and other insects, so it requires no poisons. It was also stained and varnished with non-toxic coatings imported from the U.S., since unfortunately there are none for sale in Costa Rica.

Heal Your Body & Mind at Anamaya Resort

Early morning yoga with the sun shades down

Wonderous Tranquility on The Anamaya Yoga Deck

Morning Yoga Looking at The Pacific Ocean

Panoramic Ocean View From Yoga Deck

The panoramic ocean view from the main yoga deck


Our Second Yoga Deck:


Yoga Deck at Dusk at Anamaya Resort

1- Bringing Music and Nature Together At Anamaya Resort

1 - Artistic Shows and Displays at The Yoga Deck Temple

Serenity and Tranquility On the Anamaya Yoga Deck

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