Power Yoga Benefits

Power Yoga BenefitsPower yoga is the western version of Ashtanga Yoga. Power yoga is a more physical, lively, energetic type of practice. This style guides you through yoga teaching on a more aerobic exercise and with continuous and strenuous movements. Yoga teacher training has been taking this style of yoga and presenting it to those looking for a challenge.

Power yoga is a combination of other yoga styles Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. It uses intense cardiovascular and strength workouts to those that practice. This style still incorporates the traditional poses from other yoga styles but combines breathing into the flow and movement of each pose. To enhance each pose and build strong endurance and concentration some poses are held much longer than in traditional practice. Yoga certification and yoga teacher training will help you learn how to make the appropriate modifications.

Physical Benefits of Power Yoga

Power Yoga is more about strengthening your body through a series of rigorous poses. The reward to the routine practice is physical benefits to your bones, muscles and joints. Power yoga is also a great tool to build your flexibility, improve your concentration and tone your muscles.

The exercise and workout is intense and will utilize each area of your body. To hold the poses for longer periods of time you will be using muscles in your arms, shoulders, legs, feet; back and abdomen which will help make them stronger. During this type of practice and yoga teacher training you will be burning a lot of calories so there is a benefit of weight loss and building lean muscle tissue.


Since most of the workout with power yoga is stretching and breathing exercises your flexibility will increase dramatically. Your tendons, joints, and muscles will all become a lot more flexible. This is a wonderful benefit for anyone that suffers from arthritic conditions since it will help get rid of the pain and stiffness associated with that condition.


Being a yoga teacher and through yoga teacher training you will also notice an increase in stamina. With following a series of poses you are in a constant state of movement while holding each of the challenging poses and then moving quickly into the next. This is a quick cardiovascular workout that helps strengthen and build the core muscles. It will also get your blood moving and circulating which improves your heart health.


As you practice Power yoga and get stronger you will also begin to notice a different in your posture. With your muscles tones and your core muscles strong you will have a better sense of balance. Having better posture will also help you if you suffer from back pain because with good posture you keep your spine aligned taking away any unnecessary stress that is put on your spine.

Stress and Tension

Practicing Power yoga will make a huge impact on your stress and anxiety levels. By learning how to practice this yoga correctly with breathing, flexibility and stamina you are also learning how to release stress and relax your body to be able to perfect each pose you try. Your yoga teacher will know if you are not able to fully relax because your poses will not be able to be achieved correctly.

Improve General Health

By practicing Power yoga you are also building up your immune system and becoming more connected to your body. Since you are putting yourself through a strenuous workout you are also releasing toxins and eliminating them through sweat. This helps cleanse and detoxify your body.

So stay healthy

The health benefits are explained through yoga teacher training on why Power Yoga is good for you. By taking a series of yoga poses and practicing them in a power yoga sequence you are stretching your body and strengthening your body while calming your mind. Power yoga helps to warm up the body and adds to achieving a higher state of awareness. Power yoga tends to bring focus on the synching of the body and the mind while building on higher levels of awareness and inner strength.

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