Power Yoga Teacher Training

Power Yoga Teacher TrainingGet ready to have the most energetic experience of yoga teacher training you have had. Power Yoga is a style of yoga that is intense and a constant movement. In order to go through a good training of this style you will be totally immersed in it. It does not matter if the training session is two weeks, one month or six months the point of it is you must get a real taste of it to be able to feel it and what it has to offer. This style of yoga is not just to have an understanding of what to do but to have an experience of what it is.


To have an experience with yoga is not always as simple as it sounds. Yoga tends to be a cleansing and calming idea and exercise. To be able to have this experience you need to allow your strength and balance in your mind to explore your thoughts, fears and habits so that you can rid yourself of any that are unnecessary. The atmosphere that allows for this to happen is created by your yoga teacher and maintained. It is up to them to figure out how this experience should happen and this is where your training begins.

Format of Training

During your yoga teacher training there is a format that tends to be followed as a starting point. The instructor will determine which areas need to get covered according to time. In the group of students there is a constant shift in relationships and energy shifts. The group of students tends to become like a family that goes through the process together building and relating off each other. Due to the constant shifts within the group there has to be a lot of flexibility. Remember that yoga is not always meant to be easy and there could be poses that are more challenging or powerful.


Through yoga teacher training we learn that teaching is sharing the knowledge and experience. We learn about yoga and through those lenses. You will deepen your understanding of yoga through practice and dialogue and go home from training feeling strong, healthy, calm and clear, full of energy and motivated to share and continue your practice of yoga.

Topics to be covered

Some of the course topics that will be covered during your yoga certification are:

  • Increase your knowledge of yoga and yoga thought
  • Practice meditation and asanas
  • Learn the Sanskrit names of asanas
  • Learn to correctly perform the asanas
  • Learn to correct others practicing asanas
  • Learn how to create and teach a flowing series
  • Create dialogue
  • Work with injuries

All of the courses have a chemistry and natural flow to them which means that different areas will be emphasized depending on the group of students. Yoga is a rounded topic that can never be fully covered in a short training session. There may also be things that you hoped were taught but are not part of that yoga teachers practice or ideals.

Goal of Training

Whatever direction or journey you have chosen to take, the goal of this Power Yoga training is to be able to create masters of yoga by facilitating a complete understanding of yoga and the yoga practice through knowledge of your experiences. Another goal of training is to create excitement around power yoga and the practice which will come flowing out of us to anyone we encounter. We need to be able to share with others what we know and to cultivate the art of sharing yoga, teaching yoga, instructing yoga and giving to others.


For yoga teacher training the cost usually includes your accommodations, 3 meals a day for length of stay, training materials and yoga supplies. Things not normally covered in the cost is your transportation to and from home and the location of your training, books that may be on the recommended reading list, any resort amenities such as tours, spa offerings or rentals, and your writing supplies for the course instruction.

Schedule of training

Yoga teacher training tends to be a full days worth of learning and practice. The day of learning normally lasts about 12 hours with a long break in the middle of the day. Saturdays and Sundays may offer you free time to do some exploring in your resort destination.

By the end of your yoga teacher training your experience there will be your reward. This was something that you now own and can share any way that you want with others. You should be walking away with a certificate to now share your experience with your own students and yoga teaching.

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