Purna Yoga Benefits

Purna Yoga BenefitsPurna Yoga is the style of yoga which teaches alignment-based asana, healthy living and heart-centered meditation to help people achieve a wholeness, fulfillment and healing to life’s purpose. Purna yoga teacher training creates a way to have a life changing experience and through practice meeting the needs of today’s world.

Why practice Purna Yoga?

Purna Yoga:
• Does it all- It supports the mind, body, emotions and your Spirit
• It creates both strength and flexibility
• Promotes good cardiovascular health
• Helps to create mental clarity and will relieve stress
• Will create an emotional balance
• Connects you awareness to your intuition and wisdom within
• This style is safe for all ages and body types
• Promotes healing from injuries
• Promotes an overall sense of wellness

Many of us have different activities that we practice in order to promote good health. To get stronger we may lift weights, for cardiovascular exercise we may do an aerobic activity, for balance and harmony we may use tai-chi, for flexibility we stretch out and meditation to find peace of mind and relax. What if there is one activity that you can do to achieve each one of these-strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, and relaxation? Purna yoga teaches us how to achieve it all. Purna yoga teacher training gives examples of why this style of yoga is more than just stretching and relaxing, it is the ultimate mind and body challenge.

Purna yoga teacher training provides a tool for promoting mind-body awareness to bring out whatever religious/spiritual beliefs you may have. After working with through a typical yoga certified class you will leave feeling relaxed and energized. You will have put your muscles through the test to properly align your bones, you will be breathing deeper and filling your lungs with oxygenated blood and be truly relaxed. Being able to bring your awareness to your body and working the muscles you are given the opportunity to reach a deeper relaxed state. This is why after working with a yoga teacher in your Purna class you will feel really good, because you are able to connect with your awareness and connect and appreciate your body.

Who will benefit from Purna Yoga?

It does not matter if you are a couch potato or an Olympic athlete; everyone finds benefits from a Purna yoga practice. The key element of Purna Yoga is practicing with careful alignment of your body while you are holding the poses. This correct alignment and the awareness of it will help you grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As with any skill, to become successful in yoga it will require a lot of effort and practice. If you are looking for a way to regain your health, stamina and vigor, feel younger and stronger, and need something that you can do and achieve success, Purna Yoga practice is your best choice.


As with any new exercise you should be aware of the basic Do’s and Don’ts of practicing yoga for your own care. History shows us that the practice of yoga can improve your health and well-being and can also be a great tool in elimination or reducing issues cause by many physical and mental ailments and disorders. It should never be viewed as a substitution for medical treatment. Always consult your physician before beginning any type of exercise program. Your doctor is fully aware of any medical conditions and your medical history and is the most qualified to advise you on what you should be doing. Most doctors are beginning to realize the beneficial connection between yoga and wellness. They are more aware of the advantages that the practice of yoga has to offer and are suggesting to some of their patients to research what style they feel is most suited to them. Many people look to yoga as a type of therapy to slowly build up strength and flexibility after an injury.

If you are reaching out and trying to find a yoga teaching style that will help you discover your inner feeling of home within your body and spirit, you should take a look at Purna Yoga. Purna Yoga takes all the different ideas of yoga and presents them in a set of exercises, transformation and healing. Yoga teacher training will take you on a new adventure and bring you the tools to make your own practice stronger and be able to bring this experience to others in your community. Yoga is a tool which connects body-mind awareness and brings an appreciation of our bodies.

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