Purna Yoga Practice

Purna Yoga PracticePurna yoga is a style of yoga that nurtures all the aspects of the being-emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. This style puts emphasis on all facets of life as a way for potential growth. The true practice of Purna Yoga is not done on the yoga mat but by including it into our daily existence and our thoughts, actions, and words. If this yoga does not change the way that you live then we do you practice? Yoga teacher training teaches you that it is a transformation of your consciousness to the highest level possible and brings you harmony and peace.

4 Areas of Focus

This style of yoga does not just open up our body or calm our minds. It frees us to live up to our highest potential. Purna yoga was created by Aadil Plakhivala and his wife, Savitri and it consists of four main areas of focus.

Asana and Pranayama- bringing an emphasis on precise alignment of your body based on the principles of Iyengar Yoga.

  1. Lifestyle and Nutrition- following the wisdom of Chinese nutritional philosophy and Western nutrition what we eat fuels our practice.
  2. Applied Philosophy-style focuses on embracing the wisdom of the yoga sutras and the traditional teachings which helps guide you in being able to channel your heightened energy toward growth and personal transformation.
  3. Meditation- incorporation new active techniques will guide you to connecting with your spirit, your divine self, which is Light and this will allow your highest facet to be the guiding voice in your life.

The style of Purna Yoga was created so that you could discover, explore, and fulfill your life’s purpose. It gives you the ability to unveil the reason that your soul has descended at this time and place into your body. It allows you to move towards your purpose and not get distracted by what your ego wishes to have. As yoga teacher training shares with us Purna Yoga will lead you down your true path of life.

Connecting to your soul

Yoga teaching shows us that Purna yoga is all about connecting you deeply with your soul and then allowing you to use that connection in your daily routine. With the yoga teachings of Purna Yoga we see that by following Purna yoga we incorporate a practice into every moment of our awareness and through this awareness have transformation. Each event we encounter in our lives is a chance to have a deep exploration, as do our relationships with other people, the material objects around us and the earth and ourselves.  Through what we see and do we learn we can make better choices and move closer to the heart center which is our doorway to our soul, and can become a stronger reflection of our best self.


The practice of Purna Yoga view asana as necessary but not very important piece of practice. Asana is necessary because it helps create a strong, aligned space to hold our growing Light. It is unimportant though because without having a deeper practice help us reveal that Light or allow it to grow and be present in our daily lives. With a Purna Yoga practice the asana is used as a way to develop consciousness. Therapeutic asana is a major element in Purna Yoga teaching. Being able to use asana will help illness and injuries. It can be used to help aid anything from a sore wrist to depression as a safe and effective healing method.


Just as how the asana helps teach us how to master the body pranayama teaches us how to master our mind and nervous system. During Purna Yoga practice pranayama begins in a simple manner with deep breathing so that you can connect your mind, breathing and body. Purna yoga uses pranayama to cultivate life force and to strengthen and cleanses the nervous system so that your body’s energy has a cleaner path to the soul. Pranayama is used to unite with your soul and then use that connection and power in your daily routine.

Lifestyle Choices

Yoga teacher training puts major focus on the connection of Purna yoga and the way your live life. Respect is a major focus and that we make healthy lifestyle choices: respect for ourselves, for others and for the world around us. These choices begin by our yoga teaching and the awareness that all we see and have comes from the Divine and contains an essence of God. Purna yoga provides tools for us to use to guide us in reducing the negative impact we have on the world around us. It guides us in decisions we make in clothing, entertainment and the company we keep. Purna Yoga is there to guide us in all aspects of life.

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