Purna Yoga Retreat

Purna Yoga RetreatPurna Yoga retreats offer you a chance to live in the moment and fully immerge yourself into a constant state of gratitude for the gift of life and to be able to listen to your heart as a guide on how to live your life. Purna yoga is the practice of asana, meditation, yoga philosophy with ancient and modern nutrition factors.

Taking the time to go away to a yoga retreat will help guide your practice of Purna Yoga and enhance your intuition and release anxiety so you can move towards a refreshed way to live. You will have yoga teachers that guide your though asana sequences, pranayama, mantras, kriyas, nutritional talks, and philosophy which will help nurture your inner awareness.


During your time away you will work with yoga certified instructors that will guide you through powerful meditation techniques that you can take into your daily routine. You will learn about the connection of meditation and its energies and be taught how to open your heart chakra. There may be some prayers and healing before and after the yoga retreat.

Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

Participating on a yoga retreat or a yoga vacation is an amazing experience that yogis can have. If you have been practicing yoga and wish to dedicate yourself into a retreat but feel you don’t have time in your busy schedule maybe making a point of getting away to a retreat is your answer.

Depending on the type of retreat package you are looking for you could be gone for a week or several weeks. You can also determine what sort of destination and facility you want to enjoy while away. It can be a nurturing experience along with a vacation if that is what you need. Going away to a yoga retreat you need to be able to choose the yoga teacher and the yoga retreat package you want to enjoy to gain the most benefits.

Become More Engaged

At a typical Purna Yoga retreat your sessions last a little longer than just joining a class session at a gym. You will have a more guided and structured approach at really learning yoga. There will be a schedule set up for the entire time you are at the retreat. Most of the activities on the schedule will be related to yoga.

What to Expect

The yoga teaching sessions are done during the morning hours, in afternoon, or during the evening. You will experience sessions that teach you advanced yoga methods and possibly new techniques that you can continue to practice for a more effective yoga experience. In other situations your yoga teacher may include prayers or chants to help facilitate during meditation.  Yoga sessions may be held indoors or outdoors depending on the destination you chose.

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of yoga will stare you in the face if you do not notice them. Modern medicine even acknowledges that yoga is a complementary treatment and alternative medicine option. Those that live yoga know that yoga is the magic touch. Yogis believe that our bodies consist of energy channels and life force. If there are any sort of blockages in these channels to where our energy cannot flow throughout the body it could result in the formation of diseases and illness. Practicing yoga is a way to ensure that our bodies stay healthy and the channels stay open so that the energy can continue to flow.

During your yoga retreat experience you will be have the opportunity to learn more and go further into the belief system of keeping your body healthy. It is not only the physical enhancement or other fitness benefits; it is a time to be educated on how the effect of each yoga pose is directed to your body and how it functions.

Meet Other Yoga Lovers

Even though some view yoga as an individual practice, a yoga retreat allows you the time to make social connections. Yoga retreats bring yoga lovers from all over the world together to share and learn with each other. Most retreats offer activities to go on adventures together while not in the yoga sessions. You will be building new friendships and connections while you go swimming, engage in a sporting activity, go hiking or any other activities the retreat destination offers.


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