Purna Yoga Teacher Training

Purna Yoga Teacher TrainingPurna yoga is said to be the “complete” yoga and it will help you build the skills and tools your will need to transform yourself and begin healing. Purna yoga provides a source of wisdom and yoga teacher training provides techniques that will connect the body and mind with your spirit. Being able to use awareness, precision and your concentration, Purna yoga brings us closer to our Divine Self. Be able to stop and love yourself by living from your heart.

Through the practice and yoga teacher training of Purna yoga you will concentrate on alignment based asana, pranayama, and meditation used to align your inner energies for transformation.  You will also be taught nutrition and a yoga philosophy that we can adapt to fit into our lifestyles today. Like tuning a piano, Purna yoga will give you the ability to align your body with the vibration of truth and the Divine essence that we find all around us.

How to be a good teacher

It is so important to realize that before you can be a good yoga teacher you must be an inspired practitioner. To begin your yoga teacher training journey the sessions will first instill within you a deep love and understanding for your own yoga practice. Only after this point can you begin to share your love of yoga with the students that you will be teaching. As a strong practitioner you will learn how to connect Purna yoga into your daily life routine and your body. As a yoga teacher you will grow and learn from the inner experience.

Yoga Teacher Training

You need to make sure that you find a registered yoga school. Courses are taught by a group of yoga certified instructors in Purna yoga and are highly regarded for their dedication and commitment to supporting the growth of their yoga students. You need to be ready to come and live and teach the entire concept of yoga. You will be able to discover the difference between yoga from the heart and yoga from the mind. You will not only be taught the skills of yoga but how it will evolve who you are as a person.

200-hour Level

While at the yoga teacher training you are actually learning how to teach. The 200-hour Level training gives you the knowledge, awareness and education that you need to become an alignment-based yoga teacher. This level of training provides the foundational curriculum of Purna yoga. You will leave with the ability to teach a variety of your own yoga classes with the caring, confidence and compassion that keeps your students in a safe environment and growing their own practice. This inspiration is a very powerful tool for creating a transformation.

As you begin to learn the foundation of the curriculum you will also learn:

  • Physiology and anatomy of asana and pranayama
  • How to view and understand bodies to make hands-on adjustments
  • Benefits of asana, and the use of props
  • How to work with injuries and health conditions
  • Energetics of how to center your mind and wake up your intuition
  • How to deliver, control and present to a class, especially beginners
  • Nutritional values and yogic lifestyle connections to students, life and teaching
  • Ethics, business, and professional boundaries of teaching
  • How to apply yogic philosophy to class and daily life

Prerequisites for Teacher Training

To be considered to join a yoga teacher training program you must have an established asana practice of at least 2-3 classes a week for the last year. It needs to be in a yoga style that emphasizes the alignment of your body while practicing asana. The strength of having this background knowledge will support your time through the yoga teacher training program.

Yoga is all about giving and receiving with the concept that we only keep what it is we have by giving it away. This is one of the strongest points for teaching and training others to become yoga teachers. As a teacher you learn to come and love the difference between yoga from the mind and the Purna Yoga style to practicing and teaching asana from your heart. Yoga teacher training will guide you to a fulfilling journey of becoming a strong teacher that can share with their students this wonderful way of living.

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