Reach for the Rainbow

Reach for the Rainbow

Research explains that yoga is a positive source for those that are suffering from depression. Yoga teacher training can focus on therapeutic treatments through postures for anyone suffering from depression regardless of your weight, size or fitness level.

Depression-What is it?

Depression is a type of mental illness that brings to its victim a sense of dread, sadness and a sense that there is no hope. This condition can last from a few weeks to years for some and in some cases the depression may cause a person to feel that they no longer want to fight the sadness or want to live any longer. This illness is normally caused by the chemicals in the brain being imbalanced and could very well be caused by a physical or even emotional trauma suffered.

How Can Yoga Help Me?

Yoga is a mental and physical form of exercise that includes three main keys: exercise, meditation and breathing. While practicing yoga with a good yoga teacher and applying these three principles they will generate energy going to the muscular, glandular and endocrine systems in the body and this will give you a sense of better health and be more aware of your body. With strong yoga teacher training practicing yoga may give someone suffering from depression the energy and strength to get out from under that dark cloud of negativity and reach for the rainbow instead.
Research explains that with just three sessions a week yoga exercise can help you with the symptoms of depression by boosting a chemical in your brain. If you can add yoga practice into your weekly routine it will help build the chemical, GABA, which is important to your brain function and central nervous system. Building this chemical in your brain is essential to the promotion of calmness in your body. This chemical can change and modify your mood and decision making process.

During yoga certification an instructor will learn that certain poses can directly effect and reduce the feelings associated with depression. Some of the poses that seem to trigger a positive reaction for those suffering from depression include:

  • Sun Salutations-During the practice of sun salutations the mind is so preoccupied by focusing on the breath and movement it does not have time to be anywhere but in the moment. This also helps work off some nervous energy.
  • Fish Pose-This pose works in opening up the chest allowing the anxiety and tension in the body to release. It involves deep breathing which will bring a sense of relaxation.
  • Lion Pose-This pose works to relax the jaw and other affected muscles that are tight. It will also bring awareness to other clenched muscle areas.
  • Childs Pose-This is a stretching pose that involves the low back and arms. It stretches the body out which should help bring a sense of relaxation.
  • Corpse Pose-This pose has you lying on your back with arms spread out wide. The focus of this pose is to release the tension in your body, helps you to relax and brings a feeling of clarity.
  • Warrior I-This is a powerful Asana that builds confidence and gives you a sense of grounding. It builds on your physical and mental balance within you.

Possible Setback

Yoga teacher training has also questioned whether or not having someone who suffers from depression keep their eyes open. Some yoga teaching is worried that allowing a person with depression to close their eyes during a restorative pose could be more harmful since it can allow their thoughts to back to their negative worries. Yoga teaching is deciding that in this situation it may be best to have these people who practice sit up during Savasana and to practice those poses with their eyes open and alert to stay focused.

If you suffer from depression and are interested in looking at a yoga vacation to find some symptom relief or if you are interested in finding yoga teacher training make sure you find a respectable place for instruction. Looking at low risk holistic practices to help illness is a growing force.

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