Anamaya Helped me Reduce Harmful Chemicals in my Life

Spoonful of bicarbonate

Here at Anamaya we do our best to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used by the resort itself, as well as the yoga retreat and yoga teacher training guests during their stay with us.

We do not use chemical pesticides to keep insects out of the rooms, but rather ask the guests to be mindful about what they leave in their cabinas.  We request guests do not keep any food in the cabinas and also to keep the doors and windows closed after sun down.  There are many things that can be done to maintain a bug-free (or close to it!) room with out using dangerous chemicals to kill the creatures that are simply going about their business.

Our lush tropical gardens and organic farm are also maintained without the use of pesticides and other products that may harm the plants, insects, animals and humans.

We provide locally-made products for our guests to use while staying at Anamaya.  There is a lovely coconut-based 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, a body wash, and hand soap in every bathroom.

Our gift shop sells Aromaflor products which are made here in Costa Rica.  They offer natural, organic and vegan products such as deodorant made with organic lemon grass, lavender, tea tree oil and colloidal silver (more about my experience with this in another blog), as well as essential oils, soaps, bug sprays etc. These products are great for anyone living a more conscious lifestyle including practicing yoga.

What does this have to do with me?

While I was at Anamaya this past weekend, welcoming our newest group of Yoga Teacher Training students, I became inspired by all of this harmful chemical awareness, and decided to try something new.  I picked up a bottle of the natural deodorant, and had a chat with Joseph Mikrut, one of Anamaya’s owners, about his goal to spread the word about living a more chemical-free life. He mentioned that his girlfriend started using baking soda to wash her hair, and vinegar as a conditioner, and how much she loved it.  I had heard something about this before, but didn’t have that intrinsic motivation to actually give it a try at the time. Truthfully, there were many times I had thought about switching makeup brands or toothpaste and other things I was putting on my body. I had just never REALLY felt the urge to do something about it.

When I got back home from Anamaya I decided I truly wanted to see what I could do to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals I was putting on my body, as well as the amount of money I was spending on maintaining myself. The inspiration was finally strong enough to go for it, so I decided to try this “shampoo and conditioner” for myself.

I read multiple different variations of a basic recipe online, and just as many different opinions about the results. Factors such as the type of water you use, the type of hair you have, and also product build-up you might have in your hair can all play a roll in how this turns out.

What’s the Recipe?

This is the basic recipe, and what worked for me:

(For 1 wash)

1 tbsp. baking soda
5 tbsp. water
2 drops of lavender essential oil (also purchased at Anamaya)

I just mixed it up in a cup and massaged it into wet hair and scalp.  Let it sit for 1-3 minutes then rinse VERY well.

(For 1 rinse/conditioner)

1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
4 tbsp. water

Mix in a cup and pour through rinsed hair. Work through tips and then rinse with cold water to seal in the moisture.

What Happened?

My hair felt super smooth and tangle-free right after. It brushed out easily and didn’t smell too much like vinegar (apparently white vinegar leaves even less of a smell).  After drying with a hair-dryer the vinegar smell was totally gone and only a faint smell of lavender remained. I also straightened my hair as I normally do, and it was super smooth and soft as can be!

I am now on day 3 without washing or wetting my hair at all and I am still loving the results.  I notice that my hair is less oily and it’s staying straight longer then usual. I add a little bit of locally made in Montezuma extra virgin coconut oil to smooth it out and add some shine.

This is just one of the things I am experimenting with to reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals I am putting on my body.  I will keep you posted on some of the other ways that you too can try out to both save money and stay a little more healthy!

If you are interested in Aromaflor products please check out their website!

If you are inspired to visit Anamaya for a Yoga Retreat or Yoga Teacher Training please email us at [email protected]


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