Relaxation: Day 16


Yes, of course we are here in Costa Rica to learn all about the yoga, but we mustn’t neglect the luxury of the Anamaya Spa Services.  Reiki Treatments, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and wait for it….. an ORIENTAL HEAD MASSAGE, how can you resist?  Yoga certainly relaxes, restores and heals the body, be that as it may, getting a massage allowed us  to receive while resting. We’ve gained so much strength, flexibility and fluidity in our bodies and along the way continued to learn the importance of balance, both physically and spiritually. The master massage therapists and healers at Anamaya know exactly what we individually need. They understand that for some us the food and daily practice of yoga has been a gentle shock. The massage room is filled with an energy of serenity and calm which carried into our energy. We always know who just had a massage just from the peace written all over their face.

Peace Love and Spa Time

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