Restorative Yoga Benefits

Restorative Yoga BenefitsRestorative yoga poses provide benefits to your mind and your body and many people use it as a form of relaxation. The main benefit that is taught and spoken about during yoga teacher training is the impact it has and the ability to help heal and rejuvenate your body. There are also some connections to other physical and emotional issues as well as problems with infertility. Restorative yoga if used to improve fertility and the traditional fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization and other technologies are showing better odds.

During the practice of restorative yoga you practice at a completely relaxed state using blocks, blankets, bolsters and pillows to help guide you into your pose. Your yoga teacher will help in making sure that you are as comfortable as possible to be able to fall into a deeper relaxed state. This style of yoga helps to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure while stimulating the immune system that helps keep your endocrine system working and healthy. If your systems become unbalanced a person with yoga certification may suggest to you to try restorative yoga.

Basic Understanding

The main point to walk away with from Restorative Yoga is that it is working holistically with the main idea being healing. The other yoga styles focus on fitness, stamina and flexibility. The way we look at yoga and practice it is beneficial to our bodies and from there it helps heal our minds and then our spirits. Breathing and meditation exercises for yoga help provide those benefits. Yoga teacher training will explore how as we change or breathing we can change our body chemistry bringing more oxygen to our muscles, detoxifying our tissues and bringing control and calm to our minds. Our body becomes a healthier place for our spirits to live.

Breathing and Meditation

We all need to breathe, so why not take that breathing and make it work for you. We could all use some meditation in our lives too which will help bring a balance back in around us. All we need to do is find a mantra that will help us concentrate as we focus on it. While focusing on a mantra we can make our bodies deepen the response to our posture, heart centers can open and your chest will open bringing you balance within and the energy around you. If learning about yoga certification you will be able to see that the more you can release the worry and fight with the stress around you the more space and energy you have to heal your body.

Stress Dangers and Fertility

Yoga teacher training informs you of the dangers of stress on the body. Relieving stress can also help you with fertility. Stress can be a main cause to infertility for many couples. Not being able to conceive a child can then lead to more stress which only adds to the problem. Using restorative yoga and breaking the cycle and relieving your body of stress can make a huge difference.

Some of the more common poses for those fighting with infertility are the bridge pose which may help in stimulating the hormones, and child’s pose or cobblers pose can help to rejuvenate the body and bring relaxation. Ask your yoga teacher which poses would be most beneficial to you.

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is responsible for draining our bodies of toxins from the tissues and bringing biochemical aid to the tissues that need healing. This system in our body does not have a pump so it relies on the movement of muscles and your breathing to squeeze and release the tissues so that they can drain and to move the biochemical to the right place in your body. Through yoga teacher training and restorative yoga you will learn why your breathing is so important to keep your body healthy.

Cardiac System

The heart in your body is a busy worker and not allowed to take a break. It functions day and night throughout your lifetime. The heart pulls blood up for the tips of your toes to the top of your head and circulates it right back around. The heart can get tired and if not healthy it will struggle to work at its best. Restorative yoga offers poses that are supported and elevated which will allow the heart to pump easier with the help of gravity.

Nervous System

Our nervous system is key to our well-being. This system is all throughout our bodies and is very susceptible to the effects from adrenaline and cortisol and if over worked it will cause overload to our body. If our nervous system is not working properly it can impair our memories, compromise our immune system and we get more illness, our heart may have to work too hard, and our fight response can be triggered.

Restorative yoga and yoga teacher training guides us to a healthier balance of living with harmony.

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