Restorative Yoga Retreats

Restorative Yoga RetreatsIt is starting to be that time of year where most of us are feeling a little shut in from the cooler and wetter weather where we live. Are you thinking about looking at running away and finding a yoga retreat in a beautiful location where you can completely relax, restore and renew? There is nothing better. Go for it and rediscover yourself again and let your body heal from all of life’s daily stresses.

Restorative Yoga practice is one of the most popular styles of yoga currently in the United States. It is a style that is fare, systematic, nurturing and will help you relax and release the deep tensions that are lying in your body. You will rest and relax in poses while being supported by folded blankets; pillow and other props which will help open the areas of your body where the most tension is stored.

Time to release the stress

First things first, before going away to a yoga retreat and spending the money ask yourself this, “Do I want an intense experience that will leave the outside world separated from me while away or a new place to go and have fun, unwind and have a vacation as much as a chance to learn different yoga skills?” If you decide that a little of both is what you have in mind, going away to a restorative yoga retreat may be the direction you should take.

This style of yoga is a healing style and should not be exhausting but reenergizing. Each morning you can begin your day with two hours of bending, breathing, twisting and flowing. After your session you can meet your friendly group for a breakfast of fresh fruit, oatmeal, yogurt or eggs. Your day is normally open for you to decide how to spend the time. You will reconvene for an early evening session with your yoga teacher.

What to expect at the retreat

Morning sessions at the yoga retreat will have you pumping up and re-energizing with your yoga teacher who has gone through extensive yoga certification and can assist you with how to place your props so that you are as comfortable as possible to release the tension.  The day is yours to explore the sites or to lay around in a hammock on the property. The evening session of yoga is dedicated to exploring the meditative and playful side of yoga. You may take your mat or blankets and go outside to practice and then relax into Savasana while staring up at the stars in the sky.

Going away to your yoga retreat, you will learn that the yoga practice becomes the frame for your vacation and that everything else is built up around it. Practicing yoga you will become healthier, calmer and stronger. It will give you the most stress-free experience you have ever had. This is one yoga vacation that you will want to come back and experience all over again.


Another question to think about when deciding which yoga retreat to run away to is the teacher you will be working with and the style of yoga that you will practice. Being able to attend the right kind of class sessions with the correct level of fitness ability can make or break the time there. You want to be able to practice and learn while growing in your yoga practice. So, do your homework and make sure that you ask questions. Friends, magazines, searching online for yoga retreats that fit your needs are very important. See if the website for the retreat has some personal experience comments from former guests.

Location- Location- Location!!!

Another thing to think about is location and where do you want to go. Many yoga retreats offer the same concept to their guests: yoga, healthy dining, explorations, and spa. Figure out what sort of locale you want to travel to and what kinds of things you may want to experience when you have free time. Choose the best location for your yoga retreat to have the best outcome. If you hate the sun, do not pick a tropical location. If you do not like bugs, do not pick a location with rain forests. If you do not like the cold, avoid retreats up in the mountains. The setting will also be a key factor in how you are enjoying your yoga retreat.

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