Workshops with Cassandra Wilder

Workshops with Cassandra Wilder

DATES:  April 1 – 8, 2017

PRICE:  $30 per workshop, or $80 if you attend all three (does not include meals, accommodations, or any yoga packages).

YOGA RETREAT:  During this week you can also add any of our yoga packages to your retreat if you wish. The yoga classes will be taught by the amazing Mandy Lawson.

We are very excited to offer three very special and sacred workshops this week at Anamaya. Our Workshop leader is Cassandra Wilder, ND, and her philosophy is dedicated to providing a safe and sacred space for women to be nourished. During each workshop, she delves into different vital topics for women and holds an empowering space for each individual.

Workshop Leader, Cassandra Wilder

Cassie WilderCassandra Wilder is a Yoga Instructor, Naturopathic Doctor and inspirational guide around the world. Cassandra leads sacred women’s retreats and workshops worldwide and empowers women to rekindle their intuition and reclaim their passions and purpose. Her teachings are fun and yet insightful and provide women with wisdom surrounding the moon cycles, manifestation, sacred movement and sound.

Highly intuitive, Cassandra holds a powerful space for women to thrive and unlock deeper aspects of self. After studying the Sacred Feminine and lost traditional wisdom across Central America and Asia, she carries this wisdom forward and shares it with women worldwide.

Cassandra’s Goddess Retreats are highly sought after and are led all across the United States and worldwide. These retreats provide women with the space to be nourished and supported as they delve into sacred practices and workshops. Her work with women has inspired hundreds of women to begin to live authentically and passionately and fully from the heart.

Cassandra is passionate about all things related to empowering, inspiring and supporting women. You can read more about her teachings at

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Herbal Wisdom for Women

Nourishing our body during different times in our cycles is a powerful way to support our bodies and keep our hormones in balance. Cassandra Wilder will be sharing the top herbs for women to use to support their bodies naturally during different stages of life.

You will learn about the uses of herbal medicine, how to make your own herbal medicine at home and what herbal remedies are ideal for different times during your cycle.

No prior knowledge of herbalism needed! Comes with a free book full of recipes and wisdom.

1 ½ hours long.

Fire Ceremony and Manifestation

During this sacred ceremony, we will connect powerfully in circle as we engage in a transformative fire ceremony. Fire ceremonies are cleansing, empowering and liberating. We include this sacred ceremony in all retreats because it is one of the most transformative practices for women.

We will then move into manifestation and focus on inviting in the things that we are seeking in life. How can we embody this life we dream of? How can we live abundantly and fully? All of this goodness and more will be in this lovely and powerful closing workshop.

2 hours long.

My Moon: How Your Menstrual Cycle Connects With the Moon

For thousands of years, women and the moon rhymed in balance and synchronicity. As the moon waxed towards the full moon, women felt heightened energy, a deeper sense of manifestation and a calling to be outward. As the moon turned inward towards the new moon, women felt a call to return to self care and to an inward state.

Your body naturally does this with each moon cycle as your hormones, energy and natural rhythms shift. Unfortunately, this wisdom has been lost for most of us.

Come learn how your body moves in alignment with the moon and how you can support your body during this phases. If there is one piece of information that could transform every woman’s life, it’s this. Understanding the different stages a woman goes through in life and how this can be supported naturally is vital information every woman should have.

Welcome to all women! This information is vital to women who have gone through the journey of menopause as well.

Includes a free booklet. 2 hours long.

A Message From Cassandra