Salad for Breakfast- Day 23

IMG_5603The unthinkable has happened. We’ve not only gotten used to eating salad for breakfast, some us now prefer it. Every breakfast has been a full spread of amazingess, but looking around the breakfast table it seems some of the plates are more filled ¬†with salad and less with the breakfast foods we are more accustom to; oatmeal, pancakes, muffins, breakfast proteins. Of course most of the Anamaya foods are diary and gluten free, yet they still manage to make everything taste like heaven. Perhaps this section of the blog should have been about the food instead of Yoga Teacher Training. You just wait. You’ll see for yourself. It is amazing how they manage to come up with gourmet meals that specifically cater to each yogis needs. Without knowing¬†it, the kitchen staff has educated us on just how creative we can be with our food. So many yogis have said they have no idea what they are going to do without this food when they return to the real world. “Vegetables have never tasted so GOOD!!”

Peace Love and Veggies

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