Savasana-Time to Let Go-Relax

savasanaHow often can we say that we allow ourselves to completely relax and let go? Even if you are someone that meditates often, that is still an activity that requires you to have a distinct focus. Savasana, or the Corpse Pose, still requires a type of focus but the focus is on non-attention, or directing your attention to a state of complete relaxation. It is a focus of clearing everything from your head to your toes and from the spine to the internal organs in your body. Let us take the time to get away, find a yoga retreat or a soft safe spot in your home and completely relax.

Do we ever just allow ourselves to sink, heavy into the ground, and ease all the tension from our muscles and joints, letting our eyes roll back into the sockets, our tongue to lay heavy and our stomach and organs to lower themselves into the walls of the spine? At least do we allow this while we are awake? Probably not, because we do not always have the time to stop everything and give our bodies rest. You either need to make the time and go to a yoga retreat or find it at home.

Yoga teaching focuses on this pose and how it should allow you to completely let go. Proper relaxation is so important to a healthy functioning of your body and mind. It needs to be able to give you clarity, help you make good judgment choices and decisions. With all the chaos around us each and every day we need to be able to focus on making the right choices and enjoying the best lifestyle.

What is Savasana?

Savasana is the ultimate relaxing pose that is practiced usually as a concluding asana at any yoga session. In this one pose you loosen all your limbs and lie motionless, like a dead person. This is one of the most difficult poses to master because while you are lying relaxed and motionless you still need to be fully conscious and awake. Many people drift off to sleep because they are finally giving their bodies time to fully relax and be still, but in being conscious and a part of the relaxing pose you are rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit. Some yoga teachers will walk the room and touch your feet towards the end of this pose to make sure you are still with the pose.

How to practice Savasana

When you are coming to the end of your yoga practice your yoga teacher will have you start by sitting in Dandasana with your hand resting on your sides and your legs stretched out in front of you. Then you should bend your knees and move your torso backward while resting your elbows on the floor. With your arms at a 45 degree angle rest your torso with your palms facing up. Slowly extend your legs slightly apart and allow your feet to naturally fall to either side. Now the tricky part-allow yourself to completely relax. The back of your neck should be extended and your chin slightly tucked in toward the chest which will lengthen your spine. Make sure that your spine and legs are aligned so that you are evenly relaxed on both sides of your body. Remain in this pose for at least five minutes, breathing naturally. To leave this position without losing the peaceful state of relaxation you are in, stretch your body out while taking in a deep breath. Roll slowly onto your side into a fetal position and then slowly ease into a sitting or standing position while moving slowly.

If you happen to be practicing at home and not in a classroom session on a yoga retreat you may wish to set a timer. It is very common for students to fall asleep while practicing this pose.

Benefits of Savasana

Yoga certification will cover this pose and how it benefits a person at the end of their yoga session. It is the best Restorative Pose which brings relaxation to the body and mind. It will help calm the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression. It can greatly aid someone fighting a headache, fatigue, and nervousness.

Let Go-Relax

Savasana is not just about relaxing the body, it is also a time that your mind should remain alert and aware of the relaxation that is happening in your body. You should be paying attention to the energy flowing through your body and be able to develop a connection to that energy. Sometimes that is hard to focus on while in other poses. If you concentrate on being aware of the energy during your Savasana you will be able to connect with it at other times. As you relax you can feel the flow of Chi or prana move through the areas that you worked on. Whether away at a yoga retreat, on a yoga vacation, in a studio, or at home it is time to get into your pose, stop fidgeting, and become still. Take the time to release your bone and let go completely. Close your eyes and allow yourself time to relax.

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