Scuba Certification and Yoga Retreat

Scuba Certification Costa Rica at Anamaya Yoga Resort

Costa Rica is known as a hotbed for surfing, yoga and eco-tourism, but did you know that many people travel here to obtain their Scuba Diving Certification? At Anamaya Resort we offer our guests a week-long retreat that includes delicious organic meals, beautiful accommodations with incredible views, yoga classes overlooking the ocean, and your scuba certification!

Anamaya Resort is a retreat center located in the charming beach town of Montezuma, Costa Rica. Montezuma is known for it’s natural beauty, bohemian vibe, and epic waterfalls and beaches. It’s also located in one of the world’s Blue Zone areas, where people live the longest and the happiest. Once you visit you’ll know why!

All of our weekly retreats run from Saturday to Saturday. Please visit our Calendar for more information.

Playa Las Manchas for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The CMAS 1-Star SCUBA Certification Program

Through our friends at Montezuma Crew, we use the CMAS International Diver Training Certification System to certify new divers. Although not as well known as PADI, CMAS is the original Scuba training program, founded by Jaques Cousteau himself. CMAS certifications are equal or better than PADI, and are recognized by all scuba diving companies around the world. We think Montezuma Crew’s program is the best in Costa Rica, for several reasons:

  • The CMAS course is the equivalent to PADI’s Advanced Open Water Diver Certification, so at the entry level the CMAS course is much more comprehensive than PADI’s basic “Open Water Diver” certification.
  • Because we’re in a bay, the water is among the warmest in Costa Rica, making it a very comfortable place for your first ocean dives.
  • The water here is often cloudier than Costa Rica’s best dive spots in other areas, which is a really good thing for a training. Divers who do their certification course in conditions of perfect visibility tend to PANIC when they dive in low-visibility waters for the first time. So with us, you will be very well prepared for anything.
  • The Montezuma Crew instructors, Michele and David, are extremely calm and experienced dive instructors. They’re proud that in over 20 years and thousands of students, they’ve never had an accident.
  • $100 OFF! This is a $495 program, but we only charge $395 when done as part of this yoga retreat package.

This course does an amazing job of preparing our guests for different types of dives they may do in the future. For more information on the program, please visit the CMAS website.

Our Dive Instructors

We work with a local company called the Montezuma Crew. The Montezuma Crew is a professional and fun group consisting of a CMAS Dive Captains, CMAS Guides, and a Marine Biologist. They are passionate about Costa Rica, diving, and discovery. Here’s a couple examples of what people are saying about our Instructors:

Dive Instructors Michele and David with Two Students

“Michele and David are fantastic!!!”

“They gave me confidence to dive safely. They were very attentive to little important details, we went over and over again until the safeties were well understood and done automatically with no feeling of panic.”
– Gisele

“Michele’s face literally lights up when he is talking about diving!”

These guys are so friendly and knowledgeable they immediately make you feel as if you have known them forever! From the sessions in the pool, to the several dives they could not have been better. They are really passionate about what they do and the ocean and that comes across in every interaction!”
– Benjamin


Yoga at Anamaya

The Scuba Certification and Yoga Retreat includes up to 10 yoga classes throughout the week. Yoga is a fantastic accompaniment to your scuba diving training as it will improve your air consumption and enhance your swimming technique, among many additional benefits.

We practice an energizing flow every morning before breakfast on our main yoga deck overlooking 270 degrees of epic ocean and coastline views. Then in the early evening just before sunset we hold a more relaxing and restorative type practice on our lower deck. With the scuba certification schedule you may not be able to attend every yoga class, but we’ve made all 10 classes available to you so you’re free to participate in any one of them when you’re not diving.


Rates and Accommodation

The rate for the Scuba Certification and Yoga Retreat package price is $395 USD. That includes your scuba certification training, and up to 10 yoga classes depending on your dive schedule (this rate does not include any additional excursions, spa treatments, alcoholic beverages, or other extras). The package price of $395 is added to your Base Rate which includes your 7 nights of accommodations, and 3 delicious & healthy meals per day. Your Base Rate is based on the accommodation style you choose. Please see prices listed below. Prices are in USD and per person. This retreat is a full 7-day experience, which is always Saturday to Saturday.

We offer a variety of unique rooms to match your budget whether you are traveling solo, with your best friend, or your family. Most of our guest rooms have unbelievable ocean views, and each are uniquely designed and built with environmentally friendly building practices. Our guests also enjoy organic linens.

First price listed is for the Low Season (May-Oct). Second price is High Season (Nov-April).

Dorm $795 / $995

Per week (plus tax)

Dorms include our Gaia House or Casita, for up to 5 people. Gaia has 2 lofts, both dorms have full ocean views and 2 bathrooms each. For women only.

Triple $945 / $1,195

Per week (plus tax)

A triple room includes our Master Suite, Hanuman Cabina, or our Garuda’s Nest Treehouse Tower. These rooms are for shared accommodations between 3 guests. Great for friends traveling together, or a family. Placement based on availability and gender for solo guests.

Double $1,095 / $1,395

Per week (plus tax)

Choose one of our beautiful double-occupancy cabinas such as the Ganesh Cabina (couples only), the amazing Ananda Cabina, Prana Cabina (couples only), Lotus CabinaJungle Cabina, or Bali Cabina, each with amazing views and private bathroom. This is ideal for couples or best friends.

Single Deluxe $1,645 / $1,195

Per week (plus tax)

If you are traveling solo and looking for a more solitary escape, then a Single Deluxe room is for you. Placement will depend on first come first serve, but the following may be available: (Ganesh CabinaPranaLotusBali Cabina or Mantra Room)

Weekly Diving Schedule Sample

The following is a basic idea of how/when the training will take place. This is only a sample and the schedule will vary depending on the people taking the course. Some people may require more dives in the pool before the instructors are confident they’re ready for the ocean. You will never be pushed into doing something you’re not ready and confident to do. Our head instructor, Michele, is proud that in 20+ years of diving instruction, he’s never had an accident.

Sunday: 2pm-4pm – 2 Pool Dives

Monday: 10am-12pm – 2 Pool Dives

Tuesday: 2-4pm – 2 Beach Dives at Playa Las Manchas

Wednesday: Day Off

Thursday: 10am-4pm – 2 Deep Ocean Dives and Boat Trip – Includes Lunch

Friday*: 10am-12pm – 1 Beach Dive

*PLEASE NOTE: You can NOT fly on an airplane the day after a deep dive. Since many of our guests fly on Saturday, we typically don’t schedule a deep dive on Friday.

Whale watching from the scuba boat

Scuba Diving in Montezuma

Montezuma, Costa Rica isn’t a popular dive spot among experienced divers, but it’s a fantastic place to learn to become a confident diver. The water may not be crystal clear, but our waters are host to a large variety of cool creatures like whales, dolphins, turtles, octopus and many fish. For more information about Scuba Diving in Montezuma and this corner of the world, please visit

FAQs about Dive Certification Program

How many dives will there be? Usually 5 pool dives and 5 ocean dives. It’s a 5 day program but sometimes can be done in 4 if the student is really comfortable in the water.

Will I learn emergency procedures? Yes, the CMAS program is very thorough. You’ll be learning various potentially life-saving skills such as what to do if you run out of air (how to share with your buddy), what to do if you lose your breather (good techniques for grabbing your spare) etc. These skills are done repeatedly in the pool and then later in the sea.

Most Dive Centers are PADI, not CMAS. What does that mean for me? PADI is the most common certification standard but there are more than 10 different ones. All PADI dive centers recognize the CMAS certification program, so you never have to worry that you can’t dive with a different scuba outfitter.

Photos and Video? Many people bring their own GoPro, but you will not be allowed to use it until the last 2-3 dives, because it can be distracting to the skills you need to be learning.

Sharks? Will we see them? Here we very rarely see the very docile white tipped reef shark, which grows up to 6ft or so. We’re unlikely to see one because they tend to sleep during the day and hunt at night. There are caves we know about that we can usually find them if you’re eager to have your first close encounter.


What Sea Creatures Will We See?Scuba diving with sea turtle and giant fish

We’re on the Pacific Coast in the tropical zone, so we have a huge variety of fish and other sea life here.

Nearly Guaranteed: Puffer Fish in various colors, Moray Eels, Snappers and Jackfish, Lobsters, Starfish, Parrotfish, and the highly camouflaged and venomous stonfish/scorpionfish.

Good Chance to See: Boxfish, Stingrays, Manta Ray, Sea Turtles, Octopus, Jellyfish.

Very Lucky to See: Seahorses, Nudibranch, Spanish Dancer.

From July through January, we’ll probably also see dolphins and whales from the boat.


The Food at Anamaya Resort

We can’t talk about Anamaya without mentioning the food. As you may have read in our testimonials above, the food is as much a part of the Anamaya experience as the views, the yoga, the ocean, and the staff.

Our Head Chef, Jeffrey Wayne Horton is known as “Chef Jeff” amongst our guests and all our staff. Chef Jeff is originally from Florida but has lived and worked in Costa Rica for 6 years. Before that working under a number of Executive Chef’s including Michelin Star Chef John Tennick, Chef Jeff believes in the importance of sustainable practices and using local products and produce in everything he does. Anamaya has nearby a farm called Rancho Delicioso, so Chef Jeff frequents the farm to gather what’s fresh and available. Some of our favorites are super foods such as Gotu Kola, Moringa, Holy Basil, etc. Together with our amazing kitchen team at Anamaya, Chef Jeff provides our guests with 100% gluten free, organic, and creative menus every day.

Gourmet healthy food

The Anamaya Vibe

Anamaya Resort opened in December of 2009 and we have attracted a group of like-minded guests who are into health, wellness and adventure. A week with us is nothing less than transformative. Our mission is to create an environment where our guests will connect with nature, connect with other people from around the world, and connect with themselves.

Our staff treat our guests like family, our healthy farm-to-table food is prepared with love, and many of our guests become life long friends. See what some of our guests are saying about us:

“Life Changing!”

“My mom and I booked this trip for my college graduation gift and it was more than I ever expected. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Anamaya, the staff, and the experience. Everyone makes you feel right at home. The food and views are unreal!! I already want to go back and I’ve been home for a week. I highly suggest coming here. Pura Vida!”
– guest from California

“Best Trip Ever!”

“I can not say enough about this wonderful place. I was traveling by myself and picked this resort based on other trip advisor reviews, and I was not disappointed. All the rooms are unique and the staff becomes like family. The food is amazing and the yoga decks have the most perfect views. The property is even more beautiful in person than the photos can show. The staff was also great about quickly returning my emails before my trip and answering all my questions, which made me feel better about heading there alone. I can’t wait to go back.”
– Staci


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist. To fill out an availability and reservation request form click here.