Social Media Workshops with Shelby Kincer

Does trying to figure out Instagram feel like the first time you tried to hold pigeon pose for longer than 2 minutes?

Do you struggle to understand Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and every other platform available today?

Or maybe you’re on them… but have no idea how to make them profitable.


DATES & TIMES: We have two very special social media workshops for people who need help with their social media. These workshops are being offered to Anamaya guests, as well as outside guests (people not staying at Anamaya).

The first workshop is called How to Use Instagram, and the second is No Mats Left. These two workshops will take place during the weeks of Oct 26 – Nov 2, 2019 and Nov 2 – 9, 2019.

Week 1:

  • How to Use Instagram will take place on Monday Oct 28 at 11:30am.
  • No Mats Left will take place on Tuesday Oct 29 at 10:30am.

Week 2:

  • Dates TBA


For More Information or To Reserve Your Spot
(outside guests welcome)
please call (506)-2642-1289


Join social media and digital marketing expert Shelby Kincer in two workshops that will transform the way your business does social media… right here at Anamaya!

From building small brands into internationally known names… to booking out resorts… to teaching classes and speaking on stages internationally, Shelby’s approach is different than many other social media experts.

Focused on organic engagement, genuine connection and growth that not only builds, but remains and creates a following of brand ambassadors that will grow your business and sales in perpetuity. Shelby will marry social media to yoga and the business of it in a way you not only understand, but feel fully confident about. 

Workshop Leader Shelby Kincer

Shelby Kincer is a Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketing Expert with 5+ years experience helping businesses craft an effective brand strategy across social media that attracts their ideal client and turns them into passionate, lifetime brand ambassadors, repeat buyers and loyal followers.

With an organic, connection-focused approach to social media, she helps business owners create a social media presence that withstands changing algorithms, speaks directly to their perfect client and increase brand expertise, profitability and continued growth.

When Shelby isn’t helping grow social brands, you can find her traveling the world, tearing up at sappy movies or hanging out with friends.



Instagram for Yoga Experts:

How to use Instagram

  • You know it’s important – but how does any of it actually work?! Stop stressing about what to post, what hashtags to use, what filters, who to follow and how on earth you can make it all profitable?! Shelby will teach you the perfect format to not only craft content that converts, but also how to play into the algorithm to have your beautiful content SEEN! 

How to craft the perfect content – without professional equipment

  • Have you seen all the beautiful social media photos and have no idea how to recreate that without a professional photographer or years of experience? YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Shelby will teach you how to use your phone and a few tricks of the trade to create eye-catching content. 

How to reach your ideal client and grow a brand following that lasts

  • Once you know the algorithm and how to create stunning content, how do you turn it into money? Where do you find the clients on Instagram? From posting the photo to getting a sign-up, you’ll learn the strategy to make your Instagram effective and profitable.

This workshop will be 90 minutes long, and the cost is $20 (or $40 for both).


No Mats Left:

How to go from an idea to a sold-out class or retreat utilizing social networks.

Instagram? Facebook? Pinterest? Twitter? Youtube? TikTok? Email? Funnels? Nurture Sequences?

Trying to figure out the best marketing plan for your business can be so overwhelming – Shelby will help you break it down and create a plan that MAKES SENSE.

Join Shelby to craft your perfect marketing plan, and learn the best way to execute that plan for it to start changing your business and bring you new business ASAP!

This workshop will be 2 hours long, and the cost is $30 (or $40 for both).

For More Information or To Reserve Your Spot
please call (506)-2642-1289