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Costa Rica internshipsPLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE NO INTERNSHIP POSITIONS AVAILABLE AT ANAMAYA FOR 2016. Anamaya sometimes has two internship positions available, done in blocks of one – three months. We don’t always have interns, and only take the very best of the best, and we are getting a lot of inquiries about this. If we know you already because you’ve been to Anamaya, especially for a YTT where we’ve had extensive experience with you, we definitely will favor your application.

Read this article written by one of our favorite interns:

To qualify to work as an intern for Anamaya, you must be creative, very health-oriented, multi-talented, and totally awesome. You will live at Anamaya, sharing one of the smaller rooms with a second intern. Because of the room-sharing, we generally are only accepting female interns, but that’s not a fixed rule. If you’re male, you’d be the only intern staying with us so you’d have to be an exceptional candidate.

The internship position costs $500 per month, which covers your food and lodging at Anamaya Resort. If you’re a graduate of our YTT program then this fee will be waived.

You may notice that there’s no “yoga teacher” internship positions, which we get a lot of inquiries for. If you’re a yoga teacher and would like to intern here, then you must also qualify for one of the following two categories. Generally we’d give a yoga teacher, especially the graduates of our YTT program, priority over other candidates.

Anyone interested in being a Yoga Teacher Intern must also qualify for one of the 2 other following internship positions:

Chefs Assistant Internship

Are you amazing in the kitchen? Perhaps graduated from a culinary arts school, or just naturally gifted and love to feed people? Your job as an intern could include duties such as:

  • Helping the kitchen staff with their regular duties or filling in if a regular employee is absent
  • Preparing labor-intensive natural foods such as coconut milk or goats milk that our regular staff wouldn’t ordinarily have time to do
  • Serving the guests at meals
  • Experimenting with new recipes
  • Cooking for and possibly leading our “Farm to Table” dinners at Rancho Delicioso
  • Writing blog articles for our recipes or cookbook

Candidates MUST have extensive experience in the kitchen prepping and cooking. Nearly all of the candidates we accept are chef school graduates.

Contact: [email protected]

“Visual Artist in Residence” Internship

Our media interns generally have a range of skills within various media that can help to promote Anamaya and/or educate the public.

Such skills include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Publicity
  • SEO
  • Social Media: Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter
  • Web Site Development
  • Writing

At this time, we’re only accepting media interns who are exceptional photographers or videographers. If you’re amazing at either of these skills, send us a link to your work. While here, you would be tasked with creating something like a photo documentary, or various videos for Anamaya or the local community such as something to support local schools, beach cleanup efforts, saving the turtles, etc.

Contact Us About Internships

If you’re awesome at one or more of these things, and would like to stay at Anamaya to help us, then let us know your background and skills. Please email us the following:

      1. Facebook Page URL and Instagram too if you have it.

2. Resume if you have one prepared.

3. Letter explaining why you are TOTALLY AWESOME.

4. Ideas for what you think you could do to help us. Check out our website to learn what we’re about and show us your creative process.

5. Time: Which months specifically would you want to come to be here for, and how many months? Very important, please don’t forget this!

Send to: [email protected]Note: Please don’t send me emails without answering the questions above in your email.

Please be aware that we may not write you back as Anamaya is extremely busy. If you don’t hear back within a week you can re-send your email, but don’t bug us after that. Definitely do not track us down and call or contact us personally through other means. Please respect and follow the process.

Also, check out our Farm Volunteer Program, which may be more suitable for you:

Thanks we look forward to hearing from you!

FAQs about Internships

Accommodations: We have a room for interns (onsite at Anamaya) with two beds in it at and you’d likely share the room with the other intern.

Cost: We charge $500 per month to interns. Our YTT graduates are free. Qualified professionals in these categories are also free. In other words, if you’re already a professional chef with the right experience in healthy cooking and want to intern in our kitchen, we wouldn’t charge you.

Salary/Benefits: There’s no salary. The main benefit is working and living in one of the coolest places in the planet, surrounded by amazing people.

Schedule: Work is 6-8 hrs per day, depending on what projects you’re working on, 5 days per week, not necessarily 9-5pm but as needed. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the area.

Access: On your off time you can enjoy the grounds, or head down to Montezuma, Santa Teresa, the waterfall, our amazing beaches, etc.

Free Yoga: Yes, you can do all the free yoga you want here as long as the classes aren’t filled, which does happen often as Anamaya is usually fully booked.

Food: Interns will be eating with our staff.

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