Sustainable Products for Hotels

List of Anamaya’s Healthy Eco-Friendly Suppliers

A lot of hotel owners might think its nuts to tell everyone who their suppliers are, but at the end of this post, I’ll explain why I’m really doing it. After all, it takes a long time to find reliable providers of any type of product, test them out, and build relationships. Here at Anamaya, we’re proud of the suppliers we use, and we want to support them. We’d love for our competitors to use them too, because that would be good for Costa Rica and for everyone.


Toilet paper

All our toilet paper from Eco Sunrise is 100% virgin bamboo and sugar cane fiber. It is Biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.

Bathroom Cleaning Products

Our primary cleaning supply company also sells a number of beauty products that are bidegradable and 100% natural. These products are not listed on their website so be sure to inquire with them directly! Shampoo & Conditioner, Shower Gel, Hand Lotion – Coconut is an intensive softener and healer that has been used for ages, to treat dry or damaged skin. Blended with natural verbena extract, it produces a sensory treat. Free of alcohol, DEA, parabens, petroleum and artificial dyes. It is cruelty free, biodegradable and a product of Costa Rica. –

Eco Lodge Suppliers - photo by Kyer Wiltshire

Cleaning/Maintenance Products

Blue Tech Technologies

is a Costa Rican company , founded in 2008 , whose main purpose is to conserve water by eliminating pollution from toxic chemicals commonly found in cleaning products used in the home or industry and ending deposited in our rivers and seas. –

Desinfectante ecológico

(Ecological Disinfectant) – This is a powerful multi-purpose degreaser that is biodegradable and contains only vegetable derived surfactants

Limpiador de Vidrios y Cristales

(Glass and Window Cleaner ) – This anti-foaming mixture of vegetable based surfactants and degreasers helps clean china and glassware efficiently and inexpensively.

Aromatics Disinfectant Ecologica

(Forest Flower Aromatics & Disinfectant) – Aromatizes and disinfects This is a blend of essential oils and ethyl alcohol that neutralizes odors, disinfects and adds a nice natural fragrance to our rooms.

Woodex-Abrillantador multiuso

(Multi-Polisher Woodex)- A water-based formula that leaves a non-greasy shine and pleasant aroma, which helps keep our locally sourced melina wood looking beautiful; by protecting against ozone damage, water, dust and ultraviolet rays

Desengrasante Ecológico Multipropósito

(Ecological Multipurpose Degreaser)- Plant based surfactants and powerful natural degreasing agents, we use this product for deep cleaning of our kitchens, tiles, ceramics and bathrooms.

Jabón líquido antibacterial

(Antibacterial liquid soap)- The active ingredient is a biogenic bactericidal citrus seed extract. It is excellent at controlling pathogens in our gourmet kitchen.

Desengrasante ecológico

(eco Degreaser)- We use this product for tough to clean spaces like out kitchen areas, toilets and bathroom walls. In Costa Rica there is a lot of lime build up and this is the perfect eco-solution!

Oxy Max

Blanqueador odor de ropa (Oxy Max: Bleach)- We need to keep our towels and linens white but will not sacrifice the environment for this. Oxi Max is made from hydrogen Peroxide – and when it degrades it forms into water and oxygen. It contains no deteriorates or harmful contaminates.

Suavizante Para Ropa

(Fabric softener)- This product is biodegradable and refreshes, softens and reduces static on clothing. Ideal for babies and people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Detergente Para Ropa

(Laundry Detergent)- This laundry detergent is designed for the deep cleaning of all fabrics. It gently protects, softens clothes and helps maintain colours. Made from raw vegetable materials & free of chemicals harmful to our guests health and the environment.


Florex is certified Carbon Neutral under the National Standard INTE, recognized by the Costa Rican Government. All of their products are biodegradable, and are concentrated – which saves water in their production and emits fewer greenhouse gases during transport.

Blanqueador de ropa

(Laundry bleach)- Florex now offers truly environmentally friendly solution to eliminate the hardest in linen and colored stains.

Stain Killer 1

A powerful stain killer free of irritating and harmful vapors generated during industry use.

Pool & Spa

Pool Clarifier

This is a natural clarifier made from the shells of crabs and various sea life. Crabs and other crustaceans have a product in their shells called “Chitosan” that attracts small particles of debris in water. –

PH Corrector

Ferreteria Cobano (Tel 2642 0043) – Clear Pool Pool & Spa Menos PH Acido Citrico – This natural product lowers the PH scale of our pool naturally. You can find it at the Hardware store in Cobano.

Infrared Sauna

We have a Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna which is completely safe and produces the same far infrared heat produced by the sun. The Far-infrared heat is required for all living things for optimum health. The radiant heat from a Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna surrounds the guest and penetrates deeply into his or her joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. Using a Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna helps to remove impurities from cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals. When used properly, the Clearlight Far Infrared Sauna will help provide a lifetime of healthful living.

Bedrooms and Accommodations

We used to buy big rolls of imported organic bamboo fabric and hand-make our sheets, but now we have a reliable supplier for these and other bedroom supplies:

      Karl Tattenbach: CEO Tropical Bed and Bath – San Jose (Tel: (506) 83515517 mobile /22829105 office –

Bed sheets/linens

Beautiful 100% Organic Cotton and Bamboo linens.


Fluffy pillows made with eco-certified pillows are imported by Tropical Bed and Bath and sold throughout Costa Rica at an affordable price. There’s no reason to buy toxic ones in Pricemart when you can get clean ones from Karl.


Bath and pool towels in multiple sizes and colors are available too.

Spa Products

Aromatherapy and Massage Oils

Holistica Essentials Tel: (506) 86 63 12 41 – This is a company located locally in Costa Rica in the small village of Cabuya. All of their products are 100% & vegetal active ingredients extracted from organic cultivations. They are cruelty free and made from the best precious oils; vegetable based, cold pressed, unrefined, unhydrogenated and unbleached.

Food and Kitchen Suppliers

Paper Napkins

All of our paper napkins are 100% virgin bamboo and sugar cane fibre. They are biodegradable, compostable and sustainable. When guests are done with napkins we compost them. –

Organic Chicken

  • Carnes Clarita
        (Tel 2642 0595) – This local supplier provides us with all the amazing organic chicken we serve.
  • Bio Pollo
        (Tel 8708 8301) – Organic chicken produced in Rio de Oro, Ojancha, cerca de Jicaral

Organic Goat Cheese & Yogurt

Association de Empressarias Caprinas las Flores Paquera (Tel 2642 0847) – These local ladies supply Anamaya with delicious organic goat cheese and yogurt, fresh from the farm!

Gluten Free Products

We serve only gluten free products and abstain from white sugar or anything processed. –

Organic Wine

All of our wines are certified organic – &

Organic Mushrooms

There’s one great supplier we know of who produces four types of organic mushrooms in Costa Rica, including oyster mushrooms. He doesn’t stock large quantities. He will grow what you need and it takes a few weeks for your order to be ready. His name is Luis Coronado and his phone number is 8386-7472.

Smoked Fish

Our amazing smoked fish is caught right here in the ocean in front of Montezuma and Cabuya, and smoked by our friend Marino. Marino’s phone# for more is 8847-4730

Fresh Produce

Some of our produce is grown locally for us by our own farm at Rancho Delicioso. The produce is organic, local and is fertilized by the compost produced at Anamaya. It’s a beautiful green circle. In the coming years we hope to be almost completely self sustaining and receive a majority of our produce (and even goat’s milk and tilapia fish!) from Rancho Delicioso.

Organic Veggies

Elena, the owner of the Verduleria in Cobano, supplies certified organic vegetables, and has a refrigerated vehicle to deliver them twice a week.


Bio Digestor

We are currently working with the developers of systems for the production of bio-digestion biogas renewable energy. They use advanced but inexpensive technology to produce biogas with high methane content from animal and human waste. These systems work well using both the “black water” from hotel toilets, and the kitchen waste-water that contains oils. They produce methane in a giant black plastic bag (bladder) that can be burned in the kitchen. –

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners

Ecological A / C 12000 BTU – Innovative new technology is used to optimize the operation of air conditioners according to real environmental conditions in order to ensure maximum guest comfort. A sophisticated electronic control allows the rotation speed of the inverter motor to be automatically regulated to specific needs: it is increased when the air conditioner must reach the required temperature rapidly, and reduced to keep it stable. This gives remarkable advantages: low noise, energy savings and optimal temperature without harmful sudden changes. – Walter Leon Delgado (Tel 8829-2453) –


Most Cabinas have polished stucco inside – It is the most eco-friendly stucco in Costa Rica and with a special request, can be made without the usual fungicides. However, because of the tropical humidity, any stucco without this toxin in it is going to grow fungus and ruin your stucco if it’s not in a well-lit area with good airflow. –


Most of our original furniture is made from recycled teak from Indonesia or from this company that used Melina wood. Melina wood is a wood grown locally in Costa Rica. It is a fast growing forest species that offers a wide range of possibilities for industrial reforestation development due not only to its fast growth, but also to its relatively easy management, versatility and physical and mechanical properties.

Structural Wood

We use Melina wood for nearly all our construction at Anamaya, including the yoga decks. This wood has natural insect-repellant in it and is the only sustainably-farmed wood that thus can be used without coating or soaking it in poison. Ours is farmed and milled locally within a few miles of Anamaya.



– CooperativaCobano (Tel 2642 0424) – This local company provides us with all natural organic fertilizer. This, along with our compost program with Rancho Delicioso, is the only thing we use in our beautiful gardens.


– – Evergreen Organic Fungicide is a natural organic disinfectant – it is extracted from the seeds of orange and grapefruit. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, easy to use and fast acting. It acts as a disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide. It prevents and combats germs, bacteria, fungi, and many microorganisms that adhere to plants, causing them serious diseases.


Office Paper

Horizontes Gerenciales is local company that supplies us with our recycled office paper. –

Water Purifier

Sistemas De Varias Etapas (Various Stages Systems) Public water is perfectly fine to drink in Costa Rica, but because of the high levels of lime in the water, we like to offer our guests filtered water that doesn’t come from the evil plastic water bottle! These are systems that sterilize water in several stages: first the water passes through a filter to remove sediment and turbidity, then it passes through a carbon filter that removes odors and flavours while retaining the existing residual chlorine in the water. Finally the water is sterilized with ultraviolet light to destroy the bacteria and parasites. –

Disposable Plates and Cutlery

When we take the guests to the beach for a sunset excursion, we need disposable items that still maintain our integrity as a green hotel. –

Final Observations

So why do you think we’re putting our coveted list of suppliers online for everyone? We spend a lot of extra money on eco-friendly supplies and suppliers, but do you think many people notice or it affects their decision of where to go for their retreat? People come to Anamaya to do yoga with our amazing view, and because we get great recommendations from past guests and Trip Advisor. If we switched to using the same toxic supplies and suppliers as the rest of the world, I doubt we’d lose business, and we’d put a lot of extra money in our pockets. No one would know. But you know who WOULD know? WE would know, and as the saying goes, “we want to be the change we want to see in the world.” So the end of the story is that it feels really great to know we’re doing all we can to set a good example of sustainable tourism, and even if no one reads this or notices, it’s already worth it.

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