Svaroopa Yoga Health Benefits

svaroopa yoga health benefitsWe are all looking for that magic button to press and our life gets easier and our body gets healthier. Looking into the Svaroopa Yoga   style brings a new awareness to the traditional style of Hatha Yoga. People who love yoga and want to teach are starting to look at this style which brings changes to the body, mind and soul. This style is perfect for those that practice that are out of shape or have physical limitations. The name Svaroopa is Sanskrit for “bliss.” Yoga teaching is focused on releasing the tension in your muscles around your spine. Yoga teacher training is new in this area but as more people become aware of the healing it can provide the need for yoga teachers is growing.

Core Opening

You will quickly learn in yoga teacher training that the center of the Svaroopa yoga philosophy lies with “Core Opening”. While practicing this style of yoga and doing the gentle and supported poses, you will learn how to release the muscle tension from your tailbone all the way to the crown of your head. This release is referred to as the core opening, and the results bring you personal transformation and a healing to your body. Yoga teachers will assist you and make hands on adjustments while you are practicing your poses that will ensure you in opening. This style of yoga is not intended to be athletic or competitive. Each person has their own level of success.

Traditional Poses Done Different

While learning about how to connect traditional poses from Hatha Yoga to the style of “Svaroopa” Yoga you will be guided through yoga teacher training. Several of the poses will be familiar to yoga students but they are performed differently. The focus is not on joints like hips and shoulders, in “Svaroopa” yoga it all focuses on the spine. Yoga instruction will start with the tailbone and will move its way up. Teachers will guide students on how to use props to help support their poses.


During yoga teacher training the stress on props for this style is stressed to new instructors. Props are an essential part of “Svaroopa” practice. Students are guided through poses using blocks, blankets, bolsters, and chairs. The goal is to reconnect with your inner essence and you need support. Even Corpse Pose is practiced with being propped, with a bolster under your legs to let your back muscles completely relax and rest.

A Typical Class

Svaroopa yoga sessions tend to start the way most other yoga styles end, in Corpse Pose, with you reclining on your back. From here a yoga teacher will lead you through guided meditation and breathing practice. Next up you begin to do some poses and return to Corpse Pose. Instead of the focus being on the stretch as in other yoga styles, Svaroopa yoga has your focus on trying to release the tension sitting in your muscles. Svaroopa yoga instructs students to move softer into poses, rather than push themselves.

New Focus on Healing

“Svaroopa” Yoga teacher training focuses the attention on alignment and compassionate adjustments, which allows your body to release into the pose instead of pushing or straining into them. The results then bring you benefit of mental, physical, and emotional changes into blissful and healing experiences of awareness and energy rejuvenation.

Those that have gone through extensive yoga certification know that “Svaroopa” Yoga is taught to work with your body in what it really needs instead of focusing on how you wish your body was. It will bring you back to a realistic view point, starting with your physical appearance. Being able to accept and identify with that outer level of reality will allow you to link up to the inner deeper level of reality. Svaroopa yoga teacher training teaches you how to find that deeper reality by starting with your body.

Overall Benefits

Yoga teacher training for “Svaroopa” Yoga focuses on the importance of healing and inner bliss. Practicing this style of yoga on a regular basis will calm your mind and soothe your nervous system. The poses will help release tension through your entire spine, creating length and space between your vertebrae. This may also help relieve headaches you suffer from and bring you a rested sleep. The poses help massage your stomach which helps cleanse your digestive system. Svaroopa yoga teaches you how to center your awareness and makes meditation easier to practice.

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