Svaroopa Yoga Retreats

svaroopa yoga retreatsSvaroopa” Yoga was created by Swami Nirmala Nanda Saraswati and is a therapeutic style of Hatha Yoga. It teaches different ways to practice the poses and emphasis is put on opening the muscles that are around the spine area. While a student is practicing and focusing on their alignment, props can be used to guide the student into a relaxed pose giving it more power. Going away to a yoga retreat to have one on one instruction on how to use the traditional poses for a deeper practice of yoga is a wonderful opportunity.

Why Svaroopa Yoga Retreat?

Svaroopa Yoga takes the traditional yoga postures (asanas) and breathing styles (Pranayama) and approaches it in a new way. This style focuses on alignment, using angles (poses) to stretch and reach through the center of the body to your core and through joints of your body to your spine. This approach helps build strength and flexibility because it helps release the muscles that are around the spine. The focus is not on the stretch of the pose but rather on the release of those tight muscles. By using props the poses become a steady and easy practice. This helps to bring a deep change to the body and mind which increases the awareness and beginning of a healing tranquility.

Sometimes we need to stop and take that breath. We need to look into our hearts and know that we need to slow our pace down because at this rate it is not going to end well. Is it time for a yoga vacation and the time to make yourself think about you first? Sometimes we are nudged in the right direction and have to take that break, reflect and make some much needed mid-lift changes. Going to a yoga retreat gives you the opportunity to do just that and to tackle some stubborn stress that will not go away. A yoga teacher for a week or longer could be just the key to unlocking your sense of relaxation.


Some yoga retreats are focused on a female only guest list.  Sometimes this gives the guest that added safety where it is easier to open up with other women and let go of some of the burdens you carry. When we feel safe we are more open to share our worries and share our dreams. There is a special bond that can form between all female guests which helps them develop a shared wisdom, and share stories. Friendships are created while you enjoy healthy foods, meditation, personal journalism, yoga and special adventures at your destination.

“Svaroopa” yoga is a delicate yoga practice that allows you to gently open and strengthen your body together. Yoga teaching will show you how to use the poses you are experienced in and bring them to a new level to help you reach a more healing pose. All of the yoga practice is of course accompanied by the laughter that women create when they enjoy sharing experiences.

What to expect at a yoga retreat

“Svaroopa” Yoga focuses on giving you a connection to your own bliss-full heart within you. While away at a yoga retreat each morning begins with a deep asana practice immediately followed by a session of meditation which helps take you into a deeper place. During the afternoons you will be guided in ancient yoga teachings which are then followed by more “Svaroopa” yoga poses to help release the muscles around your spine. The evening ends with a calming yoga practice and wonderful food for your body and soul. Your visit at the yoga retreat promises to bring you profound openings and new tools for you to use that will help guide your home practice of yoga and keep you with a bliss-full open heart.

Yoga teaching in Svaroopa yoga can improve your posture and stance. You may start to feel more solidly grounded than you used to and feel more aligned. This style will improve your body’s flexibility which will help you during other exercise, at play or at work. Yoga can change your life physically and mentally. Yoga brings a sense of inner calmness and helps guide you through regular routine with more confidence. It will also open your eyes and influence your spirituality by introducing you to new cultures and religions.

Just do it

Go to a yoga retreat to unplug, reevaluate purpose and rejuvenate yourself. Practice “Svaroopa” yoga with a training with extensive yoga certification and help promote attention to yourself while giving yourself healing and transformation. Step out of you everyday life and worries and gain a bigger understanding to yourself, or just take the time to get away and truly breathe.

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